Wednesday, December 12, 2018


5 Practical Ways To Get Your Next Job Promotion

So maybe you have finally landed your first job and you are still learning the details and the culture of the workplace. After all...

"What if all the things I've done,
Were just attempts at earning love?
'Cause the hole inside my heart is stupid deep, stupid deep..." - @jonbellion

We're talking about this song on #LTRealTalk this week. Watch here ➡️

Corpus Christi from St. Augustine, FL is going to be at #LTHorizon with us!! You should probably bring your parish team, too!! Sign up today at!

A dollar goes further when it's matched by another! Make your donation go even further during our 1-day match and multiply event, taking place RIGHT NOW! Head to to support the mission of leading teens closer to Christ, today!

God loves the entire world...without exception or distinction.

Sunday’s sermon notes and link to watch incase you missed it

Today, we celebrate the QUEEN who cares more about you, your culture, and your eternal salvation than you could ever imagine!🌹👑🌹

Get to know our lady of Guadalupe here ➡️

The peace that Jesus Christ brings doesn't necessarily equate to quietness, consensus, or monotony. His peace does mean that there is fresh starts from your past, truth in the current storms, and bright hope for your future. #ChristmasAtSaddleback

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