Fashion questions answered

Let’s talk all things fashion: questions, trends, and styling tips

Meet the lovely ladies that gave us great insights to the top fashion questions:

Payton Reed: Payton Reed is a small town girl with big city flare. As a Starkville, MS native, she attended Mississippi State University where journalism classes sparked her love for writing. Her background in marketing and public relations has helped her find her niche as a fashion and lifestyle blogger in Greenville, SC. Her platform is meant to encourage, inspire and empower women to live their best lives by showing them that their inner beauty is enhanced, not created, by their wardrobe. Follow Payton on instagram , her website, and check out her “Dressing for the Workplace” segment with Your Carolina.

Kaitlin Clark: Kaitlin is a native of Greenville, South Carolina and a graduate of Clemson University. After a year of working in Public Relations for Papa John’s Pizza, she fell in love with the digital side of marketing. For the last three years, Kaitlin has worked at Jackson Marketing Group. Starting in the Public Relation’s department as a Social Media Manager, she then transitioned to a Marketing and Media Analyst, which is the role Kaitlin currently maintains. Kaitlin’s favorite hobbies include Sculpt yoga, anything Bravo! TV related and traveling with her husband. Follow Kaitlin Clark on instagram and on her youtube channel

Sarah K. Hammer: Her friend’s call her SK, SK Hammer, Hammertime, you name it. Uplifting others through positive outlook, forward thinking and fun-loving attitude is the philosophy she lives by. Sarah is a current graduate student at Clemson University studying to be a Student Affairs professional. When I’m not doing school work, you can find her at the lake –  boating or paddle boarding. Follow Sarah on instagram to keep up with her!

1.How do you find pieces that you can wear both in and out of the office?

Payton Reed: “I look for items that can be layered under blazers or worn with tights so that they’re easily work appropriate.”

Kaitlin Clark: “I’m fortunate that I work at an advertising agency that allows a relaxed dress code. However, when we have client meetings, we’re required to dress more professional. As I grow older, I tend to invest in more classic pieces and buy more cost-efficient trendy pieces. The pieces I invest in are generally able to be styled up for work or down for life.”

Sarah Hammer: “I love to wear trendy suit jackets in and outside the office. I look for dresses, skirts, tops that cover my shoulders and reach my knees. I love to keep those on hand for both work and going out.”

2. How would you describe your sense of style?

Payton Reed: “I think the majority of items I reach for are edgy but girly. I like to contrast feminine items with more grungy pieces.”

Kaitlin Clark: “Casual and fun”

Sarah Hammer: “COMFORT! Anything I can move around in. I love feeling free to dance around every chance I get. I cannot stand feeling constricted by my clothes.”

3.Which stores do you find that most of your work clothes come from?

Payton Reed: “I love H&M, Target and LOFT for work clothes.”

Kaitlin Clark: “Loft, Zara and Dillards”

Sarah Hammer: “Any store! Really. I love patterned pants that are high-waisted with a stretch. I’ve found lots at SHEIN, I just have to read the fabric description to make sure they are stretchy.”

4. How do you personally find a way to incorporate your own style in the office/ your career?

Payton Reed: “I incorporate style into my office attire through accessories like shoes, necklaces and tote bags.”

Kaitlin Clark: “Shoes and accessories! Your shoe choice is totally an indication of your personality!”

Sarah Hammer: “I understand that professional dress is a social structure. What does professional really mean? Remembering that helps me feel confident staying true to my style in the office.”

5. Which items have you splurged on that were worth the extra money?

Payton Reed: “A timeless handbag is always worth the money. I have been carrying my Louis Vuitton bag for 7 years and it is still stylish and pretty. I also think a good pair of leather boots will last you years.”

Kaitlin Clark: “Definitely shoes, jeans and winter coats”

Sarah Hammer: “Coats! If you live somewhere cold, having a professional classy coat makes a huge difference for your wardrobe. Nothing bothers me more than a well-dressed professional than a bulky, dirty coat.”

6. Do you find that you spend more time and money shopping for work clothes or for clothing to wear out of the office?

Payton Reed: “I spend more time finding affordable work clothes than anything else.”

Kaitlin Clark: “I honestly try and find clothes that I can make work for both”

Sarah Hammer: “I try to make sure most things I buy can be worn at both. When I want to splurge, I’ll spend more on clothes to wear outside the office. While I do try to dress nice in the office, I don’t mind wearing the same pieces time and time again. Sometimes I’ll style them differently, so it isn’t as noticeable that I’m wearing the same things over and over again.”

7. Which items would you say to always avoid wearing in a professional setting?

Payton Reed: “Open-toed shoes typically look unprofessional and messy.”

Kaitlin Clark: “Anything that looks immodest or like pajamas”

Sarah Hammer: “I never wear off the shoulder tops, crop tops or miniskirts. I feel like anything else can be styled to look professional – even jeans!”

8. What matters to you most when you are shopping for clothes?

Payton Reed: “It is important to me to find pieces that are comfortable, reasonably priced and able to be worn many ways.”

Kaitlin Clark: “Do I feel comfortable? If I don’t feel comfortable, I know that I won’t feel confident either.”

Sarah Hammer: “Affordable clothing is most important to me.”

9. Thoughts on second hand clothing stores?

Payton Reed: “I don’t shop a lot of second-hand places but would love to if I found a place I liked!”

Kaitlin Clark: “I think it’s great! I’ve used Poshmark in the past to buy more expensive, trendy pieces at a discounted rate.”

Sarah Hammer: “Shopping second-hand is so smart. You can find great pieces in good condition.”

10. When it comes to styling, do you think less is more?

Payton Reed: “Depends on the setting 😊”

Kaitlin Clark: “It totally depends on what someone’s style is!”

Sarah Hammer: “I think you should style clothing according to your personality. If you are minimalistic, go for it. If you like to express a vibrant energy, you do you!”

11. The best way to wear statement pieces in and out of the office? (In example: trendy hot pink heels, trendy funky prints, etc.)

Payton Reed: “I love making a statement with animal prints. You can do this by adding just a pop of print, whether it be on your shoes or your bag, animal print adds a fun flare to your outfit.”

Kaitlin Clark: “I have a pair of pink, snakeskin heels (completely aware how tacky that sounds writing it out lol) that I pair with a simple, black dress and I love it. I think there’s a balance when it comes to styling.”

Sarah Hammer: “Pair them with something simple. Be confident in your choice to wear statement pieces.”

12. If I were to buy one fashion piece/accessory tomorrow, what would you suggest it be?

Payton Reed: “I constantly wear my Sheila Fajl hoops. They are so versatile and lightweight!”

Kaitlin Clark: “A pair of jeans that you absolutely love!”

Sarah Hammer: “Either a comfortable, structured dress or comfortable blazer you can wear with anything”

With these questions answered, you are ready for an interview, first day of work, or a night out on the town.