5 Best Fashion Pieces to Interview in

by Natalie Stoliarchuk

Here are a few of the best fashion pieces to interview in. It’s no secret that dressing the part can make the individual. As a professional, first impressions and appearances can go either very well… Or very wrong. When attending meetings and making appearances, it’s important to stand out, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to achieve that. That’s where easy to style basics come in.

The sophisticated and impactful combo isn’t as hard to achieve as you think. We’ve found that nearly all great business wardrobes have 5 garment pieces in common. Professional attire almost always includes a pair of black heels, a neutral colored button down, a pencil skirt, gold stud earrings, and lightweight blazer jacket.

5. A Simple pair of black heels: our best fashion piece to interview in

Image of woman in chair with black heels

Wearing a pair of black heels can truly take your look to an elevated level. No pun intended. By including either a set of either kitten heels, pumps, block heels, sling backs, or stilettos in your outfit, you allow confidence to shine through.

For your pair of black heels, we recommend investing in some that are comfortable and easy to use regardless of setting. Getting great heels doesn’t have to be expensive either! Amazon has great options if you’re looking for budget friendly shoes. If you want high-end pairs, that’s where you will have to look further, possibly in department stores or on designer sites.

Here is a great place to start:https://www.amazon.com/black-heels/s?k=black+heels

4. A neutral colored button down: our favorite fashion piece to interview in

Image of woman in business professional blouse at desk

Beige doesn’t necessarily mean boring. That being said, opting for a solid color button down can actually do wonders for your appearance. In actuality, neutral tones actually have a tendency to be read as more formal and professional when it comes to a business setting. By including an easy to digest piece of clothing, you will be able to come off as well put together and more balanced as an individual.

3. Pencil skirts: our classiest fashion piece to interview in

Image of fashionable woman in skirt on the street

The garment that keeps on giving. You’ve probably seen your fair share of office comedies and TV business dramas featuring secretaries and female staff in pencil skirts. Even if it seems overdone, it’s well justified. Pencil skirts have been in the game for as long as they have because they’re a great basic that’s easy to style. Serving classy and elegant looks with almost any pairing, they’ve become a great office staple to have. They’re a wonderful go-to option when it comes to helping you look the part in any business meeting.

2. Gold stud earrings: our statement fashion piece to interview in

Headshot of woman in jewlery

These are a wonderful touch when it comes to achieving a timeless look. They allow you to add a little bit of flair to your outfit by switching up sizing and styles while still maintaining a professional air.  They can also help in drawing attention to your face and emphasize your attention to detail. If you truly want to shine, this is one of the best fashion pieces to interview in.

1. A Lightweight blazer jacket; The professional must

Woman in oversized blazer jacket

This is the height of a put-together interviewee’s style. By including a light, well-fitted blazer jacket, you are able to provide a strong business appearance while not having to wear a full fledged suit. Blazers give individuals easy recognizability when it comes to professionalism and provide solid reference to your commitment for the position.

These pieces are just drops in the bucket when it comes to having a perfect and professional wardrobe. That being said, if you don’t have a certain piece of clothing, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have a great interview. These are just a recommended start, and what we believe the best fashion pieces to interview in are. There’s always room to add or change it up, however, investing in these pieces is sure to help you get a fuller wardrobe and will be well worth your money in the long run. They can also be worn outside of interview contexts so feel free to style them in different ways whenever you want a sleek and chic appearance! 

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