Your goal as a young professional, is to be successful in the business that you are a part of. You want to fit into your position and do your part. You also want to present yourself in a way that shows your professionalism and that makes you look the part. Dressing professionally and having the right kind of clothing for your job, is very important. Unfortunately, that is not something that is just innately known. Sometimes it is taught, but many young professionals do not have a great understanding of what articles of clothing are important for everyone to have. This article gives five of the most important pieces of clothing that every young professional should have in their closet.

White Button Down Shirt

Giving an example of a white button down shirt that young professionals could wear

As far as essentials for clothing goes, a white button down is the most foundational and versatile piece of clothing talked about in this blog. It can go with almost any outfit and is wearable in most contexts and settings. It is very professional and is traditionally a widely accepted piece of a professional’s outfit. Most people, whether in business or not, probably own a white button down. They can be found at most department stores and places which sell some type of dress clothes. If you are looking for shirts on the more affordable side, check out places like Kohl’s and Belk. You can usually find a fairly nice shirt for under $50. If, on the other hand, you are able to drop more money on a shirt, then you should look at Brook’s Brothers or Indochino. Either way, a white button down is a must have for any young professional.

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Gray Slacks

An image of professional looking gray slacks

Having the right pants for an outfits is very important. Different types of pants, like khaki, navy, and black are acceptable and right for certain situations. However, gray pants are the best option for a pair of pants that is all around good and acceptable for most situations. It is a good neutral color and is not distracting. It adds to an outfit and does not take away. Much like a white shirt, It is a good foundation to build off of. A good way to go about getting pants is by purchasing a full gray suit. With a full suit, you have the option to wear the jacket or you can just wear the pants and leave the jacket at home. Both ways would be considered professional, though one is more formal. Gray slacks can be purchased at the businesses mentioned above, as well as other clothing sellers.

Brown Dress Shoes

An image of the kind of shoes that young professionals should have in their closet

Having the right shoes can make or break an outfit. Shoes are extremely important. Have you ever seen someone who has a really nice outfit on but they are wearing tennis shoes? It ruins the whole outfit and is very unprofessional. While there are many different shoes which can be used for different situations, the best all around option is brown dress shoes. The most common style for these are oxford and loafers. Brown shoes and a brown belt go very well together with gray slacks. This gives the wearer a very clean and professional look. Especially as a young professional, you want to come across as put together and you want people to recognize that you put some thought into the clothing that you wear. If you are interested in learning more about what shoes work for when, then you should check out our blog called Men’s Shoe Style Guide 2020|Different Occasions. It gives a very detailed and in depth description of different styles and when to wear each.

Brown Belt

An image of a brown belt which young professionals need

While a belt might not seem like an important piece of clothing for young professionals, having the right belt can make a definite difference. Every young professional needs a brown belt. Leather is the best material for a belt, but fake leather is still acceptable although it will not last as long. The belt buckle should also not be too big or distracting. Simplicity is the recommended approach for belts. A simple silver buckle is much more professional then a large gaudy one. No matter what the belt is made from or the color of the buckle, it should match your shoes as closely in color as possible. If you have a belt that matches your shoes, it will really pull the whole outfit together.

Neck Tie

An image of ties for young professionals

The final key article of clothing for young professionals is a good neck tie. A neck tie should enhance the look of the wearer without taking away and distracting from it. Darker ties are better and more professional but a light colored tie can work sometimes. Your tie also should not be too busy. Having no design or a simple one, is much better then coming across as tacky. It is okay to have fun with your ties from time to time, but for the most part you should try to keep it on the mellow side. When looking for ties, try tying them before you make a purchase. Some ties do not tie well due to the material that they are made out of. Neck ties are fairly common pieces of clothing and they can be found at most places that sell some type of dress clothes.

Now that you have a good understanding of important clothing for young professionals to have, it’s time for you to get out there. Go hit some stores, find some outfits, and dress to impress. With these key pieces, you can never go wrong.