5 Outfits for the Office and Out-And-About that You will look great in!

It can be hard to dress for the office and for a night out. You want to make sure you’re professional enough for the office but you don’t want to look like you are headed to a board meeting when you meet up with friends. Lucky for you we are here to help! Here are 5 outfits that are perfect for the office and out-and-about!

Coffee Date or For the Office?

This is such a fun twist on an everyday look. The gingham pants are a statement piece while a solid short sleeve and neutral shoes tone down the look. Not only can this outfit be worn to run errands or grab coffee, you’ll also look super cute while working your 9-5!

To Shop or To Join a Confrence Call?

You can NEVER go wrong with having a plain and simple dress in your closet. You can easily dress it up with bright lipstick or shoes with a pop of color! A dress like this is also so easy to wear casually. Pair it with a pair of your favorite sneakers and you’re ready to shop all around town!

Summers in the Office or a Stroll down the Pier?

Orange is a tough color to wear but you have to pair it with the right accessories! This orange dress is perfectly paired with a simple cream belt and soft nude booties. Perfect for work on a summer day and for walking down the pier by the beach!

A Night in the City or Meeting with Clients?

This outfit is perfect for fall and winter! The plaid ankle trousers and black leather booties are always a go-to in the colder months. Wearing a neutral jacket with a black and white outfit will elevate your look to a whole new level. Whether you are working in a skyscraper or walking the streets on NYC you will definitely be looking AMAZING!!!

Morning Meeting or Brunch with the Girls?

This classic look is perfect for a morning meeting and brunch with the girls. A plaid skirt is fashion forwarded and when paired with a simple button-down, it takes the outfit to a professional level. The nude heels will draw attention to the rest of the outfit while leaving an overall clean, cute look.

Hopefully, these 5 outfits will inspire you! Work clothes don’t have to be boring! Don’t be afraid to make a statement! You can definitely look cute and professional in the office and out-and-about!