5 Pros for a healthy Work-Life Integration

Understanding how a work-life integration in today's world is a key factor to creating the most out of the life experience you want! Here are 5 important pros to help you do that.

A work-life integration focuses on bringing life and work closer together.

Written By: Reagan Hollis

Over the last few years, the business world has moved from office settings to people’s homes all over the world. This started more studies in the differences between work-life balance and work-life integration, as well as the benefits of each. Over the last century, maintaining a work-life balance has been an essential component of living a balanced lifestyle. In today’s world, more and more studies have reported a work-life integration is an important part of living a balanced lifestyle. Whether you think one is better or worse than the other is determined by your wants and needs. However, as the world continues to move out of the pandemic, understanding the pros to a work-life integration may be highly beneficial.

1. Increased Productivity

The average adult attention span is about 15-20 minutes. Simple tasks such as sitting on a computer, solving problems, or jumping on and off calls or meetings, can feel like they go on and on. When we lose motivation, we can have trouble focusing on what needs to be accomplished. A generated higher sense of satisfaction leads to increased productivity both personally and professionally by having a healthy work-life integration.

2. Growth in Flexibility

In order to have a healthy work-life integration, one MUST grow to be more flexible. This allows for employees to coordinate their responsibilities and schedules in a more functional way.

3. Lowers Stress

With a healthy work-life integration, you can achieve more in your day with the time you have. Whether this means being more successful in work and getting chores done, being able to spend more time with family or friends, or creating a better relationship with a co-worker, stress levels are decreased over a healthy work-life integration.

4. Be more functional

From completing household chores like folding laundry while on a conference call to introducing friends to co-workers, having a health work-life integration allows one to be more functional.

5. Find more fulfillment

Having a healthy work-life integration allows one to comply with all of the tasks and duties they have on a day to day basis. A person with a work-life integration isn’t necessarily dividing their attention or life into different segments. They are simply living without disconnecting to pay attention to another part. This makes it easier to be fulfilled while caring for families, health, and personal passions.

End Note

Having a specific vision, setting boundaries, making a weekly schedule, and communicating with your place of employment is key to making a healthy work-life integration possible. The benefits of doing allow for a connected, balanced lifestyle that may be best for the time we are in. Ask yourself, is a healthy work-life integration something you should may consider pursuing as you graduate from college, start a new job, or are in the midst of your current job?