Styling blazers 5 ways

Styling Women’s printed and basic Blazers 5 ways.

You finally found the perfect Blazer, but you aren’t sure how to wear it in the office or on the town. Blazers are one of the most versatile pieces you can have in your closet regardless of what you do. If you’re looking for ways to style your Blazer, look no further!

Business Casual

Although your outfit in the workforce isn’t the most important thing. One of the most important things is to make sure you’re dressed in a way you feel confident. The catch is we also have to keep it appropriate. Pairing blazers with dress pants and loafers is the perfect way to stay on trend and keep dress code in the office. One of the best places to find stylish yet flattering work pants is J-Crew.

Street Style

Although blazers are typically seen as business casual, they can also be super cute paired with ripped boyfriend jeans and your favorite sneakers. This outfit is perfect for heading to a baseball game or even catching a movie. Another trendy way to wear your blazer is oversized with fitted under pieces.

Work parties/events

You get the typical question of “what are you wearing to the work party tonight?” and your mind draws a blank. The perfect way you should go to an event is to always to be overdressed than underdressed right? Well why not be both? Show up wearing a nice clean fitted pair of jeans with no fraying or rips. You can pair it with a nice high heel, a printed tank and then quickly throw your blazer on top for the perfect work attire party. If you get there and it’s more casual than you thought, you can always dress it down by taking off the blazer. When wearing the perfect blazer and accessories, the party is just getting started.

Spring transition

Although blazers seem like they are only for winter. I’m here to tell you that you can wear them any way during any season, especially as a spring transition piece. For spring transition you can pair any blazer with linen shorts, denim shorts, a mini skirt or even a spring printed dress.

Comfortable and on trend

Have you ever wanted to wear your favorite joggers to run errands but you’re not sure if you will look like you just rolled out of bed? This would look like: simple curls, your favorite chunky jewelry, a fitted tank with your favorite joggers, topped off with a plain or printed blazer. This look is perfect for running errands or even catching your next flight heading to a business conference. It’a the perfect way to stay on trend and cozy all in one. What better trend to hop on than wearing sweatpants/joggers as an everyday look? One of the best places to find trendy, chic blazers is one the best places to find all things business dress, Ann Taylor.

Now it’s time you dust off that blazer you have had in your closet for years and start rocking one of these looks! Comment below what your favorite way to wear blazers are and don’t forget to add a few accessories to complete the look!