Dressing for cold weather can be difficult, and having essentials on hand becomes important when getting ready for a meeting, interview, date, or meal with a client. Look no further for this season’s style tips and pieces that will help you make a great first impression!

Statement Coat

As the days get colder, a statement coat is an essential part of making a great first impression. When shopping for a coat that will turn heads, keep the style simple and structured. This piece will be a timeless addition to your outwear collection. Don’t know where to find the perfect coat? POPSUGAR has a list of their favorite 23 statement coats.

keep the style simple and structured.

The Simple Black Turtleneck

One of the prominent trends of Fall 2019 is the simple black turtleneck. This versatile piece can make a basic outfit look effortlessly chic. According to Glamour Magazine, there are many ways to dress up this piece: “Though throwing on a pair of jeans and going about one’s merry way continues to be the easiest, most consistently solid styling approach, there are plenty of ways to make turtleneck outfits feel genuinely cool.”

Match Your Hardware

Matching your hardware! Ahhh, the age-old style tip. According to fashion professionals, your outfit will look more put together if you match your metals throughout. For example, one should pair a gold ring with a gold necklace and gold studded purse for a consecutive, appealing look. Implementation of this tip is less noticeable than others, but make a world of difference when putting together a sophisticated outfit. For more rules on wearing jewelry, check out Jewelry Jealousy’s blog on The Rules When Jewelry Accessorizing.

Play with Prints

Prints are all the rage this fall and winter. The most popular prints include cheetah and plaid. A reason stylists are recommending cheetah animal print is easy to mix and match tones. Prints are being used from head to toe: on shoes, purses, pants, dresses, sweaters, and scarves. The print acts as a focal point that adds interest to your outfit. Be careful to choose your print wisely, however. Cosmo provides a great article on different ways to wear a neutral print here.

The print acts as a focal point that adds interest to your outfit.

Top it off with a hat

The worst feeling when you’re dressing to make a great first impression is a bad hair day. Lucky, this winter’s trends are on your side! Pair your cozy outfit with a strong brimmed hat and waved hair. Rank and Style has compiled a list of this season’s best hats, ranked one to ten.

What is your must-have style piece for this season? Tell us in the comments below! In the meantime, check out this blog on 5 Fall Fashion Trends for Successful Women.