Summer is here and so is the heat, outdoor shenanigans, and vacations. Whether you are taking it easy or still have plenty of work to do, there is certainly more to summer than bikinis and sundresses. Here are five trends you need to stay on top of this summer.

1. Platforms

Platform shoes have been around for a while but they are making a HUGE statement this summer. The way to stay on trend with these bad boys is to pair them with dressier outfits. We’re seeing platform sneakers, sandals, and slingbacks with pleated skirts, pixie pants, and boho dresses. The sky is the limit with these shoes, with height and style. They are an attention-grabber for sure.

2. Button Front Fashion

Button down everything has become the “it-style” though it’s versatile for other seasons too, it is everywhere this Summer. Button down garments have always signified a sense of dressiness to an outfit, but they are expanding on their definition as they are found on casual summer tops, skirts, and dresses. Buttons are the extra accessory you don’t have to think about adding to make an outfit pop. They add a little extra dimension to your outfit as well as a refined flare.

3. Mustard Yellow

Yellow seems to be an obvious color for spring and summer, but the kind of yellow we’re talking about for this Summer’s trend is one typically seen in Fall. Mustard yellow is making a huge statement this season, with its saturated tone it catches the eye of many as it resembles a sunset and warms up your whole outfit. It’s a statement color for sure and is an eye-catcher of many.

4. Basket Bags

Basket bags are everywhere right now as they are a perfectly neutral staple that carries everything you need without sacrificing style. They are a structural must-have for vacations and add that extra bit intentionality when styling a dressed down look.

5. Wide Leg Trousers

“To crop or not to crop?” that is the question. Whether you hem these up to a midi length or let them flow down by your pumps with every stride, wide leg trousers are the ultimate statement piece for this Summer’s trends and they definitely had a place on our list. They are completely versatile and can be worn casually, professionally, and formally for any event this summer. They are deceptively cool even though they are pants and they add a sense of sophistication to your outfit.

Tip: If you’re wearing something with volume on your top half, counter it with something slender on your bottom half and vice versa. Remember to always have balance as you stylishly dress yourself for this hot season.