An Inside look at BMW You Have Never Seen

When you think of BMW you think of luxury, power, and innovation. As you are driving your BMW you experience precision in a manner no other automobile can replicate, in pure sophistication. For a brand that may seem so out of reach for many, one can gain an inside view of BMW that no one has seen.

In Spartanburg, South Carolina, all of these things are within your reach at the BMW Zentrum Museum. In fact SC is home to BMW’s only North American manufacturing plant producing 371,284 X series vehicles a year. Though the manufacturing plant is closed to the public, the museum showcases the history of BMW, demonstrates the production process, and house some of BMW’s most exotic cars, and motorcycles, of the past. It is an inside look into an automotive icon.

The Zentrum is the perfect place to see older models of BMW’s that are no longer easily available to the market. Exclusive models and colors of cars rotate between the museum and another museum in Germany. The museum even houses one of Elvis’s cars, a red BMW 570.

There is more to see than just cars, though. Zentrum includes a café, meeting room, and gift shop. With admission free to the public, the BMW Zentrum Museum is a great and easy way to learn first hand about what makes a company successful.

Now if you are not traveling to SC anytime soon, no worries – we have you covered. We have provided an inside look at just some of the sights you would see if you were at the museum live.

1. BMW Zentrum Museum 1

2. BMW Zentrum Museum 2

3. BMW Zentrum Museum 3

4. BMW Zentrum Museum 4

5. BMW Zentrum Museum 5

6. BMW Zentrum Museum 6

7. BMW Zentrum Museum 7

8. BMW Zentrum Museum 8

9. BMW Zentrum Museum 9

10. BMW Zentrum Museum 10

11. BMW Zentrum Museum 11

You can visit the BMW Zentrum Museum in person in Spartanburg, SC. For more information, feel free to visit the museum website.