Business travel can be a great opportunity to visit a new place, gain some new experiences, and meet new people. However, all it takes is one forgotten travel essential for the business trip of your dreams to go south. So, here’s the real question: What are the main business travel essentials? Here are our top 5 must-haves to pack for your next business trip.

Travel Steamer

No one wants to show up to an important meeting with a wrinkled shirt, skirt, or pants. This compact travel steamer will be a life-saver when you need to transition your packed clothes to a professional outfit. 

Check this Travel Steamer out from Amazon for $10.25.

Portable Charger

More than ever, phones are the center of our business communication. Whether it is through texting, e-mail, or phone calls, we use them constantly. So, could anything be worse than your phone dying in an unfamiliar place right before an important meeting? This portable charger will dispel all your low-battery fears. 

This Portable Charger is only $11.99 from Amazon.

Travel Pillow

Sleep is just as important as that meeting you have set up! So, make sure you have a chance to rest your eyes with this travel pillow perfect for airplanes.

This TRTL Travel Pillow is rated as one of the best for only $29.

Immune System Boosters

Getting sick while traveling is a nightmare, especially when work needs to be done. Avoid disaster by keeping your immune system in shape with these tablets. 

Try these Immune System Boosters from Amazon for $19.92.

Gifts / Thank You Cards

Pack small, meaningful gifts or a stack of thank you cards. It can never hurt to show your appreciation for someone’s time or hospitality. Even in new places, chivalry is not dead!

Here is a pack of beautiful Thank You Cards from Amazon for $18.99.

We hope this list helps you make the most of your business trip. Don’t let a forgotten essential be the cause of a ruined trip. So, remember these items the next time you travel and you’ll be set up for success!