Greenville Date Night

Planning the perfect date night in Greenville can be a hard thing while focusing on your career and church life. Thankfully there are plenty of things to do in the Greenville area. Whether you are looking for a more social group date or time with just you and your spouse this list of 5 places has something for you.

1. A Daring Date at Escape Artist Greenville

view of the Escape artist building for a date night in Greenville
Escape Artist of Greenville’s building

Escape Artist is a wonderful immersive experience that can make you and your date laugh or get scared. With live actors and an interesting narrative to every room you can always expect something interesting. Not only that but they swap out the room every few months so you can go again and again. Within the escape room there are multiple puzzles that you have to solve This provides a great activity for double or group dates. At the cost of $30 a person it is more than a movie but the interactive experience is so worth it.

2. Bring out your inner child with a Frank!e’s date

Frankies Fun house date night
Frankies Fun park

Frankie’s is fun for all. While its main demographic may be a younger crowd there are plenty of fun experiences there for adults. Frankie’s can make for a great date experience due to the long list of activities and games. Whether you want to have a classic arcade experience, go kart, or have fun on rides there is something for you. All of the activities that you can find there are $10 and under so it makes for a very customizable experience.

3. A Smashing Date idea

Group of people at Mad smash

Have you had an argument lately with you significant other? Why not try and take some of that out on some objects. At Mad smash you can have a dedicated room to smash anything and everything to you liking. This is the one place you can most certainly be unprofessional. One of the best ways to experience the Mad Smash is by getting to whack at a car for $30 with a group of 1-4. If you want an active stress relief with your partner this makes for a great date night in Greenville.

4. Time to Axe someone on a date

Couple on a date night at Craft Axe throwing

Craft Axe Throwing is a great combination of Axes and Craft Beer. Two things you might not think would go together but they definitely fit for a date night. You can reserve a lane for $50 for the two of you for an hour of Axe throwing. While the beer is not included you can always go and buy a drink.

5. Top Tier date at Top Golf

Top Golf location in Greenville

It is time to tee up for the date. Top Golf is a great alternative to actual golf. The game is lower stakes and puts the entire focus on just hitting the ball one time going either for targets or distance. Staying in one space also provides an easy time to socialize in your tee lane. For a weekend date it will be $35 an hour or if you have time during the week it is $30.

There are so many great places in Greenville for you professionals to go out to. I hope this list helped you find some new ones.

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