From interning in London to owning her own boutique to serving as Vice President of Sales at the Bluebird Group. . . Kristin has accomplished so many amazing things in her journey! We had a chance to sit down and chat with Kristin about her career and upcoming fashion trends. We learned how boutique owners and designers got their clothes and designs into major stores like Target and Macy’s. To hear more about her journey and the process of connecting small fashion designers with mass retailers, CLICK THE LINKS BELOW!

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“. . .fashion is such a culturally relevant thing and it’s constantly evolving and changing, I think it’s really valuable to have a different point of view. It kind of sets you apart from other people in the industry. But, there are certain roles within the industry where you do need a fashion degree like designers or something more technical where you do need that formal training.”

– Kristin Wild Cooper

Here’s a Glimpse of our conversation with Kristin:

“For young business professionals, where do you see fashion going in the next few years?”

“I definitely think that everything is becoming more casual. In fashion, we talk a-lot about knit product versus woven product. Typically, woven products are dressier. Think for men’s apparel and women’s, woven products are like dress shirts, khakis and dress pants. Knits are more like sweatshirts, t-shirts, and sweat pants. So knits have been having a moment certainly this year. I think overall that everything is just becoming more casual and we are heading towards an “anything goes” space. But, I do think that when people are able to go back into the office and have meetings in person again, they will be excited to get dressed up. So I think we are headed for this massive “anything goes” moment in terms of what the outfit looks like. But, I also think “fewer-better pieces” is definitely where the market seems to be going. So people are willing to pay a little more for better quality and just have fewer garments within their wardrobe.” 

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