Gym Transition Guide

5 Steps To Dressing Up Your Gym Outfit

If you’re anything like me, you will make every excuse to not go to the gym or run errands, simply because of what you’re wearing. You make the excuse that you just left the gym, or you have to go home and change, and end up cancelling your plans. You go into the gym with the expectation of coming out and going to brunch or shopping with the girls. However, your workout is complete, but your outfit not so much. In these simple 5 steps you can transform your outfit, attitude, and agenda all in one. Whether you’re actually going to the gym or just dressing up your favorite biker shorts and leggings, these steps are the perfect guide to achieving the perfect look.

Step 1: Add Hair Accessories

Sweaty hair surely isn’t on the agenda, so let a ball cap, trendy hair clip, panama hat, or hair scarf transform your hair. We have all heard the saying that dry shampoo is a girl’s best-friend, but have you ever used a hair accessory on top of using dry shampoo? It will change your life, that I can promise. Whether you’re leaving the gym or rolling out of bed to run errands, hair accessories and a touch of dry shampoo quickly become your best-friend.

Step 2: Add Trendy Shoes or a Fashion Sneaker

In 2020 there is so much rave around fashion sneakers and statement platforms. What better way to stay on trend, be comfy, and complete the legging/biker shorts look? That’s correct.. there isn’t anything better. By changing from your workout sneakers to a pair of fashion sneakers after the gym, they help to add emphasis on dressing up your leggings/biker shorts.

Step 3: Add Layers

Adding layers such as a leather jacket, denim jacket, oversized flannel, or a printed blazer help to dress up your post/pre gym outfit. My favorite outfit currently is an oversized graphic tee, paired with white biker shorts, while completing the look with my newest snakeskin blazer.

Step 4: Add Jewelry

Gold jewelry never goes out of style. Adding a pair of hoops or a statement earring with layered chunky necklaces are perfect when worn with simple tanks and leggings.

Step 5: Add Statement Accessories

Saving the best for last right? Adding statement accessories such as a belt or a statement bag are the final touches. The best way to complete any look is through printed, chunky, or chain belts. And finally what better statement to add to a look than your favorite statement purse! My current favorite statement purse is a vintage straw bag! it’s perfect for summer and spring transition and goes with everything!

“Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life” -Bill Cunningham

With these 5 steps your outfit is ready for brunch with the girls, post workout transition, a night on the town, or even the perfect outfit during quarantine. The best way to make your outfit go from casual to on trend is by adding hair accessories, fashion sneakers, layers, jewelry and statement accessories. These 5 steps apply to more than just your leggings/biker short gym outfits. These 5 steps are key to completing any look for any event.