When you support small, local businesses, you are helping your community, your friends, and yourself thrive. While it is not always easy to branch out from the typical big businesses that you are used to shopping at, sometimes all it takes is getting started. Here are 6 ways that you can support small and local businesses in your community.

Consider Small & Local Businesses First

Maybe you have a birthday party to attend soon or an event you need an outfit for, you can always start your shopping by seeing what the local stores in your area are carrying before you go to large retailers. You might just find the most perfectly unique gift that everyone at the party decides they need as well! This does not mean that you have to buy from the local store if you do not find anything you like, but you are prioritizing your community.

Buy Gift Cards for Local Businesses

Gift cards are good gifts for any occasion. Why not look to the small and local businesses in your area to see what they have in store? Not only does that keep you in your community, but it gives others the motivation to shop locally as well. Maybe they will fall in love with the store or restaurant as well. This is a way to proactively spread the movement.


Shop at Your Nearby Farmer’s Market

Who wouldn’t prefer having fresh vegetables or locally sourced produce that does not contain heavy preservatives? Even better, shopping at farmer’s markets is actually cheaper on average. When you shop at your local farmer’s market you are supporting your community, saving money, and buying healthier & higher-quality items.

Attend Community Craft Fairs

When you need furniture or décor, why not get a story with it as well? When you shop at local craft fairs you can get handmade items from local artisans that have a passion and oftentimes a story behind their work. Art from craft fairs is also usually very unique and will stand out more than the mass-produced basket you have sitting on your coffee table from Walmart.


Eat at Local Restaurants

There truly is no place like home. That is why you should eat at local restaurants! Small and family-owned restaurants are usually dedicated to the local culture and know exactly how to prepare food for the locals. Maybe if you have a business lunch with guests out of town you can take them to the local pizza parlor down the road and give them a unique experience.

Promote the Small & Local Businesses That You Love on Social Media & Online

When you love a small business, say it! Word of mouth is the most effective way for businesses to spread the word. You can do this by posting on social media, telling your friends and family, writing a review, and sharing their posts.

It does not take much to spread the love throughout your community when you support local businesses. It is probably even easier than it sounds! We challenge you to find one way to support the small & local businesses in your community today!

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