The interviewing process is one of the most stressful parts of the work environment because for those that are on the shy side or do not like being in the unknown during the process it is uncomfortable. Below, you will find 10 interview tips to take with you to any interview.

1. Research the company beforehand

Firstly, if you are entering a new company, this should be your first step when preparing for an interview. Having knowledge about the company, who is in leadership positions, and the job requirements the position you are applying for can make you feel more comfortable and prepared.

2. If you know who your interviewer will be, research them too!

Whether a simple Google search or a dive on LinkedIn, having some knowledge about your interviewer can put some nerves to rest.

3. Go get a new outfit for the interview

Do not forget, what you’re wearing has a lot to do with the confidence you have. First, go get yourself that new outfit and then walk in with confidence! Click here for an article by The Balance Career for information on interview outfits.

4. Practice with a family member or friend

You can find a lot of practice questions for interviews online. Gather some of the questions and have a family member or friend read them out to you. If it is taken seriously, you can learn what you should work on before the interview.

5. Prepare questions for the interviewer

Almost every interview will end with “Do you have any questions?”. Before your interview, prepare some questions that you have about the company or the position you are applying for. This shows you were listening and have serious interest in the company.

6. Get ready early

Getting ready for an interview on the day of is stressful. Remember, there is no need to add to that stress by being rushed. Have your attire ironed or steamed, hung up, and ready for you in the morning. Eat a good breakfast and get ready 30 minutes early than normal. This will allow for you to not feel rushed and take your time. Sometimes mistakes happen, this time buffer will help you fix anything that might happen that morning.

7. Be on time! (at least 10 minutes early)

One year, I had a Summer job at an amusement park. I knew that I would be confused finding where the interview process would take place because of how large the park was. I arrived over 30 minutes early to find where to park and check in. However, this gave me time to not be rushed and still have time to collect my thoughts before the interview.


When you arrive, you should walk in the business like you already work there. Remember, carry yourself with confidence and know that you are great at what you do.

9. Follow-up after the interview

In addition, after you crush your interview, send a “Thank You” email to your interviewer. This will keep your name in their head and most people appreciate a good follow-up.

10. Be patient

Remember, businesses are busy. If you send a follow-up or thank you email, leave it at that for some time. Just like people get annoyed being bombarded with spam emails or ads, businesses can get frustrated if someone is nagging them. In conclusion, stay professional and give them time.

Hopefully these 10 interview tips will assist you and make you more comfortable during the process. Let us know on our Instagram @SophisticatedProfessional how these tips have helped you!