The Pandemic Movie Problem

One of the most disappointing things for me during this pandemic has been the halt on movie-going. Pre-COVID, I would read a movie review and go to almost every new one as it came out. I’ve always loved getting to watch stories that inspire, challenge, and encourage me to chase my dreams, in my life and career.

Since movies cannot be watched in the same setting anymore, I have turned my home into the theater and my couch into the movie seats. And I’ve been watching great movies that I might have missed, I found Joy (2015). Here is a movie review for one of the greatest business-related movies I’ve seen.

Joy (2015) Description and Movie Review

The story of Joy (2015) follows a young entrepreneur named (you guessed it) Joy played by Jennifer Lawrence. She had always dreamed of inventing products to help people. But her life began to move so quickly that she had given up all of her dreams. She takes care of her two children, mother, and her grandmother, Nana. Soon her house also holds her always fighting father and her divorced husband.

One day, after mopping up a broken wine glass, Joy strikes brilliance. She imagines a self-ringing mop. One that one wouldn’t cut up her hands when ringing out the dirty water. Joy meets many obstacles as she fleshes out this idea, issues patents, looks for funding, and find avenues to sell the product. Throughout the film, the audience views the inspiring story of this resilient woman and single mother navigating the cutthroat world of business. She faces huge victories, betrayal, heartbreak, loss, and hope as she fights hard to make her dreams become a reality.

What makes this movie even better is that it’s based on the real-life events of inventor, entrepreneur, and matriarch Joy Mangano. As I watched the movie, I felt inspired. It made me believe that I could rise to any occasion. No matter what obstacles lay in my path, I could conquer them just as Joy did in the movie and in real life. This 2015 film that flew under the radar for me gave me hope in the world of business. It made me dream bigger for myself than ever before. And I hope that you will feel the same inspiration as well from Joy’s inspiring life.