Top 5 Vacation Spots for Young Professionals

5 Vacation Spots

By Ashley Hicks

Who is ready to start traveling again? With how crazy this past year has been, it is time to book yourself a much needed vacation. Life can get busy and work can leave you mentally and physically exhausted. Therefore, it is important to take time and go on a vacation either by yourself or with your friends. You are young and healthy individuals who have the ability to be active and explore the world around you. However, choosing the perfect destination can be difficult and time consuming. Therefore, we have helped you by listing our top 5 vacation spots below.

Vacation Spot #1: Seaside, Florida

Vacation Spot #1: the beach at Seaside Florida

Do you like to relax on the sand and listen to the waves? Then traveling to Seaside, Florida is a great destination for you! Seaside is a great place to gather up your friends for a good time or take the personal vacation you always needed.

The white sand and crystal blue water is breathtaking. In addition, you will not go hungry with the multiple food truck options and restaurants along 30A to keep your tastebuds satisfied for days. And you definitely cannot leave without purchasing the famous Seaside sweatshirt as a souvenir.

In addition, Airbnb’s and hotels can be split among friends and help reduce your cost and increase the fun!

Vacation Spot #2: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Vacation Spot #2: Cabin in Gatlinburg, Tennessee

You may be wanting to travel to the mountains to feel the crisp fall air and experience the leaves changing. If so, Gatlinburg, Tennessee is a great place to rent a cabin and escape into the mountains for a few days. In addition, there are multiple camp grounds around Gatlinburg for lodging.  

The great thing about Gatlinburg is you can find a secluded cabin in the woods to relax, but can also go into town and find numerous activities to join in on. The endless amounts of hiking trails, amusement parks (like Dollywood), and restaurants will provide multiple activities for your visit there.

Vacation Spot #3: Yosemite, California

Vacation Spot #3: Gorgeous view of Yosemite, California

Yosemite is a great destination if you are looking to go camping and explore the west coast. If you want to live the camping life there are campgrounds available or if you want to go glamping there is lodge accommodations as well. The beautiful mountains and rivers add a calming escape from reality. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of Yosemite by going on hikes and relaxing.

If you have traveled from across the country, we even recommend you take a road trip and visit the various national parks out west. The views are like you have never seen before! While you are there don’t forget to let all your worries and cares whisk away with the breeze!

Vacation Spot #4: New York

Vacation Spot #4: Landscape of New York

If your more of a city person, traveling to New York City is the place for you. This vacation is specifically for those of you who love the hustle and bustle of life and want to enjoy the city life away from work.

From Broadway shows to shopping to just exploring the city there are millions of things to see and visit in the Big Apple. In addition, the Fashion in New York is incredible. You would be able to see the different styles and ways New Yorkers express themselves through their clothing.

Vacation Spot #5: Italy

Vacation Spot #5: water taxis in Venice, Italy

If you are looking to travel internationally, Italy is a gorgeous destination to explore the different European cultures. When you spend the money to travel to Italy, we recommend visiting multiple cities. Rome, Tuscany, Venice, and Amalfi Coast are our top recommendations. Rome provides deep history and architecture that allows you to continuously learn more and more about the city and its heritage. Tuscany’s beautiful landscapes and cobblestone pathways have you wanting to explore the city every day. Venice has water flowing throughout and around the city making it impossible to miss out on a sunset gondola ride with friends. Amalfi Coast has breathtaking views of the Mediterranean where you can enjoy boat rides to towns nearby.

Traveling internationally does not have to be expensive. Many young individuals backpack through Europe and stay at hostiles at night. If you are looking for cheaper travel options, but still want to travel internationally, this option may be for you!

Enjoy Traveling and Exploring!

Whether you want to go to the beach, the mountains, the city, camping, or travel internationally, it is important to explore the world around you. The world is absolutely beautiful and we don’t want you to miss out on visiting these top 5 destinations.

Add these to your bucket list today! Whether you take a year to budget and plan for this trip or you utilize the various opportunities to lower your budget, we highly recommend visiting these top 5 Vacation Spots.

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