Written by: Amy Thomson

Overwhelmed? Exhausted? Struggling to focus?

These are just a few of the resulting effects of a busy work life. When we jump right into a new day without taking vital time in the morning to prepare ourselves for what’s ahead, we’re often drained before we’ve made it halfway through. Why is this? We require spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional charging in order to boldly approach a new day. Curious as to how this so-called charging can occur? Here are 5 morning habits to kick start you into a productive day! Let’s get into it.

1. Begin with gratitude

Back in high school, a professor of mine told the class that she makes it a priority to offer thanks to the Lord every morning. Even before she got out of bed, she would thank Him for three blessings in her life. In doing so, she started each morning in communion with the Lord as well as with a posture of thankfulness. For you, beginning the day with an attitude of gratefulness could look as simple as this. It could also look like breaking out your journal and writing in more detail about what you’re thankful for. Regardless of how you do it, remember that “this is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it” (Psalm 118:24).

2. Implement a quiet time

increased productivity

Offering our first fruits to the Lord in the morning and setting aside time to be in His Word is vital to our lives as followers of Christ. However, jumping into Scripture is not always easy. I think the words that Alistair Begg writes in his devotional “Truth for Life: Volume 2” describes it perfectly: “If we approach the Scriptures thinking that we need to be stirred as we read them, or that we ought to ‘get a blessing’ whenever we open them, then we will either be intermittent of disappointed Bible readers.” Though there will be days that we will be excited or stirred by Scripture, that won’t always be the case, and that’s OK. Spending time in the Word is a spiritual discipline. With consistency comes a deeper knowledge of the Lord and a closer walk with Him that enables us to live each day well.

3. Eat a hearty breakfast

This is a phrase that we hear often right? Well, it’s true! It’s been scientifically proven that eating a good breakfast increases your energy and concentration levels. It also aids with weight control and reduces the risk for health issues such as diabetes and heart disease. A couple of my favorite go-to breakfasts are overnight oats, peanut butter toast, and yogurt with granola. Even if you’re in a rush to get out the door, be sure to grab a snack that will jump start your metabolism for the day. In addition, don’t forget to drink at least one full glass of water with breakfast. Hydration is important at any time, but in the morning it’s especially helpful with promoting digestion and increasing mental acuity.

4. Move your body

increased productivity

As young professionals, it can be hard to find time in the morning to fit in a workout. If it’s difficult for you to get a run in or hit the gym before heading to work, don’t worry! It’s important to get your blood flowing after you wake up, but there are several ways to do this. Doing some simple stretching or a quick at home workout can be a great way to get your body in motion before you start the day. The benefits of this include improved focus, a better mood, increased energy, and more. These benefits are especially helpful if you’re on your way to a job that is mostly sedentary!

5. Set goals

A final habit to build into your morning routine is setting goals for the day. Take some time, whether it be before work or when you arrive, to write down what you’re hoping to accomplish for the day. Break it down by making a list to check off for work as well as one to check off after you’re off the clock. Including this in your morning routine will aid in increased productivity, focus, and overall motivation.

In conclusion

Building a personalized morning routine is a great way to start a productive day. Implementing new habits is never easy, but the more you stick to them, the easier it will get. The payoff of improved energy levels and focus will be worth it!

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