Jesus Take the Wheel

Do you ever hear a song on the radio and it feels as if that song is speaking to you? If you’re happy in love, an oh-so-romantic song will come over the airwaves.

Warning: Envy and Depression can be Self-Imposed through Facebook

Millennials shrug the critiques baby boomers make about increased social media use. This article chronicles a personal epiphany about potential emotional turmoil Facebook can cause in response to a recently published study.

3 Keys to life success from Jocko Willink

Happy Wednesday Sophisticated Professionals! Check out this video from Jocko Willink, a 20 year Navy SEAL Veteran, to get your weekly dose of high octane motivation. Jocko is...

Why does God Choose To Speak To Us?

God speaks to us so that we might know love and be love.

Living Outside the Moment

A discussion of how to approach life with a supernatural outlook, focusing on what matters instead of being overly concerned with unimportant details.

Fringes: Frayed and Fragmented

Looking at compassionate outreach to those on the outskirts of society - remembering that even the smallest positive change in the world is a step in the right direction

Pursuing True Joy

Joy flows from our relationship with Christ and is a daily choice.
Girl reading Bible for anxiety.

How Clinging to Jesus Helps to Deal With Anxiety

During this pandemic, I'm sure a lot of people have felt a little bit of anxiety from time to time. Maybe in the very beginning when classes, jobs, and living situations started...

Your Prayers are Desired

This article discusses ways to develop a consistent prayer life and relationship with God.