working mothers

How I Balance My Life as a Working Mama

I am a working mother of 5 children aged 10 and under.   When I figure out how to balance my life as a working Mama, I’ll let you know!  However, below are a few...

When You are Struggling to Read the Bible

Reading the bible can be difficult. Let's face it, sometimes we just do not understand it. Addie Zierman offers 8 books to help you through the struggle.

Reinvigorating Your Faith

Love of God as the centerpiece of faith in Him

5 Foods and Snacks That Can Help Your Productivity and Focus

by Ethan Banks Did you know that food has the ability to help productivity and focus? Productivity and the abilty to focus is something that every young professional wants...

Is There a Chaplain in the House – Should there be?

Today we live in a Post Christian society even though 65% of Americans profess to be of the Christian faith.  Back during the Industrial Revolution and even into the 1960’s it was...

Your Heart Can Change Your Destiny

This article focuses on the power of words and how what people say affects their destiny, as well as the destiny of other individual lives.
salary negotiation

More Money, More Money, More Money!

How to Negotiate your Salary coming out of School! Obviously, we are not in times where walking up to an employer and asking them for “More Money” would be...

The Peace of Christ

This article helps us to better understand the gift of Christ's peace.

Clarity in the Still of the Night

Living in the present moment as the key to a more fruitful prayer life.

Setting Your Mind on God

There are times that God answers your prayers before you even pray them. He knows you better than you know yourself and provides exactly what you hunger and thirst for, before you know you crave it.