Around a year ago, our entire world faced one of our strangest issues. The Coronavirus spread across the planet and countries began to shut down. Borders closed, State of Emergencies were announced, and all was hectic; even within our homes due to the quarantine. Yet even amidst the chaos, professionals everywhere worked to keep their jobs and businesses afloat- many, unfortunately, were unable to do so. However, we now face a new year where masks are a new aspect to our businesses professional attire, zoom calls are how we conduct meetings, and working from home is growing more and more popular. 

So where does this end of a pandemic leave businesses worldwide? Many businesses have their employees working remotely, though there are some businesses that require in person placement. Statistics are now showing that 65% of persons working remotely would choose to continue working remotely. Studies are also showing that by working from home, employers are saving immense amounts of money. 67% of these employers said that their productivity remained the same, but 27% said that their productivity has increased since moving to remote work. 

But what about the future? Will businesses ever move back into their offices? While 41.8% of workers are continuing to work remotely, 26.7% are planning to remain remote through 2021. According to Flex Jobs, “36.2 million Americans (22% of the workforce) will be working remotely by 2025.” This is an 87% increase of remote worker before the pandemic. 

Though we may never lose the new use of Zoom or working in our pajamas, we as professionals must not let this hold us back from continuing to advance our careers or businesses. So I encourage you, you advantageous professional, to still live in our new post pandemic world, but to also remember where you first began your careers, your dreams, and continue onward no matter the pandemic or chaotic moment.