A car that is broken down piece by piece, just like having various goals.

It’s a Process

Achieving your goals is a process that doesn’t just happen overnight. Many of us wished that we could, including myself. The process of achieving your goals can be more lengthy for some, but they all have a few things in common. You will fail, succeed, encounter others that will help you along the journey, have grand accomplishments, and be able to enjoy life.

Failure to Success

Failure is inevitable in the business world, entrepreneurs are even more susceptible to failure than any other professional. Entrepreneurs take more risk day in and day out more than typical 8-5 employees. The higher the risk, the higher the chances of failure. Today, failure is viewed as something negative, something that is meant to break you down, something that makes the goals harder to achieve, and something that makes you not want to continue. What isn’t said is that failure is one of the most powerful motivators because entrepreneurs don’t want to fail. Sometimes failure isn’t an option they have all their high cards in on the deal and they don’t have any budget left if the deal goes south. Not wanting to fail is the motivation for entrepreneurs, there is nothing more powerful than avoiding failure and being able to succeed.

The Importance of Mentorship

Mentorship is what really helps entrepreneurs in their respective fields. Mentorship isn’t with your peers, mentorship is with someone who is much older than you and who has lived life longer. Mentors help you not make the same mistakes they did when they were younger and in the same position. Since mentors are more mature in all realms of life they can say “hey that might not be the best idea, i think you should do this because…” Mentors can help you avoid failure because they want you to succeed, reach your goals and be profitable. They also encourage you to stay motivated and focused on keeping your business profitable for years to come.

Big Accomplishments

Entrepreneurs take pride in their accomplishments because it was all them that made the deal happen and not a corporate effort from a mass of different departments. I spoke with Gregg D. who started a consulting firm in Durango, Colorado and said that he really takes pride in his work because he started it from nothing, his goal was to be self-reliant and to be able to provide for his family, he now been self-reliant for the past 15 years all because of what he has done. When you do a deal or project that goes through, it all happens because of your doing, so you have a lot of pride and ownership invested in that project so it is much more rewarding when you accomplish that goal.

An Entrepreneurs End Goal

The ultimate goal for an entrepreneur is that of the freedom of time. “Choosing when I want to do it, how I want to do it, and who I want to do it with” is what Gregg D said to me. I replied to him “I don’t see monetary goals in that statement” he replied with “I used to think that money was my end goal but that changed in my thirties when i realized that money is an empty pit, i am now in the pursuit of freedom of time because time is more valuable than money” The majority of entrepreneurs are up before the sunrise and go to bed way past dark chasing their goals and dreams or even to just make a living to support their family. Time is extremely precious to entrepreneurs and rarely have time to spend on themselves.

Keep On Going

Motivation is a must if you want to achieve your goals. If you lose motivation to you won’t be able to reach your goal. The lack of motivation is the number one reason why entrepreneurs stop pursuing their dreams. This means that entrepreneurs need to keep a close eye on their surroundings to be able to maintain a high level of motivation. Remembering “why” you are pursuing your goal is the best motivator, because you have had past experiences that gave you the motivation to go out and be an entrepreneur and chase your goals. Whatever your “why” is, use that to your advantage and capitalize on that first spark and try to keep that thought in your brain when you have the tough days. Successful entrepreneurs work hard on their good days but work harder on their bad days.

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