1- Wearing a professional outfit contributes to making a good first impression

First Impression
Professional Outfit
This image was provided by https://instagram.com/suitsbycurtiseliot?igshid=1qn6fzw7dysv8 – Curtis Eliot.

Have you ever seen someone across the street who wears a suit? Your next obvious thought must be: “this person is successful”. Visual look is the first impression that people get from you. As a result, you must take care of your style. If you wear a suit, you will give a great impression to others, whether it is a workmate, associate, supplier, client, or your future boss. Wear A Suit! However, do not be negligent on accessories. For instance, wear a good perfume, a watch, a bracelet, a ring, have a professional haircut. Do what it takes to impress others and gain their esteem. 

2 – Use the appropriate body language

First Impression 
Body Language
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Body language is 33% of communication. As a result, using the right body language techniques will contribute to a good first impression. Here are some exclusive tips for you:

  1. Stand straight

    Adopting a straight posture shows how involved you are in a conversation and is a trait of self confidence.

  2. Use a firm handshake

    A simple firm handshake can say a lot of positive in your personality. It has to be firm but not overpowering. Self confidence can be perceived through a handshake.

  3. Talk with your hands

    Hand gestures help us take what’s in our mind and make it intelligible to others. It is also a god way to keep the audience engaged.

  4. Look at people in the eyes

    Looking at people in the eyes is a good way to establish a connection with a person. It shows confidence and is a great way to keep others engaged.

  5. Smile

    Smiling is contagious. If you smile, your audience will smile. Smiling make poeple feel rewarded. It is much appreciated by others.

3 – Be on time

First Impression 
Be on Time
This image was provided by https://instagram.com/castano.off?igshid=s0l2feo882jw – Thomas Castano

Being on time is crucial in business to make a good first impression. Never be late for a meeting. People meeting with you are taking their own time to assist you. The least you can do is to show up on time. It is a sign of respect. So, what does “on time” mean? On time is being early. Being early shows that you care, and that it is important you. Time Is Money!

4 – Preparing will make a good first impression

Good Impression
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You will have tons of meeting in the future. As a result, you must prepare well for it. Think about how the meeting will be conducted, what topic you want to talk about and be prepared for every possible question that may come up. In other words, anticipate by knowing data, facts, history and come up with pertinent questions and comments to impress the person you are meeting. Preparing a meeting is what will differentiate you from others. So, why neglecting preparation?

5 – Follow up emails

Follow up Emails
First Impression
This image was provided by https://instagram.com/castano.off?igshid=s0l2feo882jw – Thomas Castano.

Always check your email consistently throughout the day. Emails are above all crucial in today’s professional world for many reasons. Emails became the formal way professionals communicate. Opportunities can come through emails. In other words, your life can change anytime you make a new connection or have a new job opportunity. Furthermore, you must send a follow up email or message to any person who took time to talk to you. For instance, a simple greeting to a thank you for someone who spent time talking to you is always highly appreciated. The other person always appreciates it and will have a positive perception of you.  

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