If there is one athlete we can say, without any doubt, has made a huge wave with his faith, it’s Tim Tebow. From the outside, it seems like Tim’s living the good life; like he’s smoothly coasting through fame and success. On top of all that, he’s showing so many people who Jesus is. His faith seems to be the pivot point of every action he makes. What a leader, right? He appears so exceptional. Exceptionally talented, exceptionally successful, and exceptionally faithful. But what’s the difference in the steps he makes, and your steps? His faith is so incorporated in his success. What’s holding us back from living a life like this?

Let’s Stop Making Excuses and Start Making Waves

Isaiah 40:29 tells us the Lord gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. As Christians, we have no excuse and nothing holding us back from living like this. We are empowered by God himself. From birth, Tim had the odds stacked against him. His parents were missionaries in the Philippines and as his birth approached, doctors told Tim’s mother to schedule an abortion because the risk of death she would face during birth. Growing up Tim was dyslexic, which made academics more challenging for him than most. Despite this, he continued his education through football in college, where he started the “Tim Tebow Foundation”. Through these obstacles, he has continued to keep his life surrendered to the Lord.

It’s a Simple Formula

Surrender + action= success. Surrendering your own will, and leaning into the Lord’s, with faith and obedience, will change your definition of success. At the end of the day, we can work our hardest, exhaust all of our talents, but until we are doing what we were made to do, glorify the Lord, success will never “feel” like success. Matthew 6:33 tells us to “seek first the kingdom of God, and everything else will follow”. Through Tim’s life, this seems to be a successful formula. Let’s put it into action today and ask the Lord to transition our heart from a posture of self service, to a posture that is excited and motivated to serve those around us, for God’s glory. So let’s do it! It’s a new day, with plenty of opportunity! Nothing is holding us back, lets get after it!