Recharging Your Battery! How to manage Stress!

I vividly recall the day an employee walked into my office, a man 25 years more senior than myself, with tears in his eyes, begging me to take his name off the...

The Best Way To Create Great Business Ideas, and What To Do Next

Everyone has ideas. Knowing how to create good business ideas and what to do with them is the crucial first step most people miss.

Best ways to be a successful business person!

1.) Have a customer-centric approach, taking a customer-centric approach as a business person is essential for building a strong, loyal customer...
A new study from 4 Day Week suggests that a four-day workweek could improve productivity and company revenue.

How a Four-Day Workweek Could Improve Your Productivity

A recently published study concludes that a four-day workweek can lead to higher levels of productivity and even revenue increases. The study was conducted by the advocacy group, 4 Day Week global, and included 61 companies in the UK; since the pilot, 92% of the companies that participated are continuing with the four-day week.

3 reasons why dressing professional can impact interviews

Finding a job can be a challenge for a lot of people, especially if the position you are applying for has a lot of competition. Interviewers will pick...
image of work desk study

How to Increase Productivity with the Pomodoro Technique

Written by Ella Siragusa Effectively managing time can be a big task. Whether you are working a job or...

Jim Kelly Was Able to Overcome Adversity With This

Buffalo Bills legend and NFL Football Hall of Famer Jim Kelly, continues to battle the toughest of opponents long after his professional sports career has ended.  Kelly and his wife Jill have endured the...

Nothing Will Change, If You Don’t Change It

Everyone can find a million reasons why their lives aren't where they want it to be.  In the end, justifying failure is easy, reaching for success is a challenge.  The question is are you...