Rick Warren Purpose Driven Life

Yes, Your Life Does Have Purpose: Ted Talk with Rick Warren

One of the most difficult tasks one will face is finding that true purpose for your life. You know you are destined for greatness, you are filled with talent that is ready to explode...

10 Steps to Living an Absolutely Amazing Life

Are there things you could do to live an absolutely amazing life? Could your life be transformed into something awesome? Here are 10 steps to get you started.

Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz Says This is Possible

Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was able to turn a local coffee shop into a global enterprise. His advice to......Think BIG! Check out the motivational video from our friends at Goal Cast.

Nothing Will Change, If You Don’t Change It

Everyone can find a million reasons why their lives aren't where they want it to be.  In the end, justifying failure is easy, reaching for success is a challenge.  The question is are you...

The Missing Piece in Your Goal-Setting

For Better Results, Involve God in Your Plans

5 Helpful Tips on Practicing Faith in the Professional World

Many Christians are familiar with the greatest commandments in the Bible, explained by Christ in Matthew 22:37-40: "Jesus replied: ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and...

How to Make Moves Like Tim Tebow

If there is one athlete we can say, without any doubt, has made a huge wave with his faith, it’s Tim Tebow. From the outside, it seems like Tim’s living the good life; like...

Christianity in the Work Place

All people struggle with worldly temptation and the business in no exception. There is the temptation of money, dishonesty and self-centered life in general. As christians we are called to abstained from the worldly...
Tony Robbins and Dana White

Tony Robbins and Dana White Say You Need to Do This to Be Successful

Tony Robbins and Dana White have both defied the odds to reach success. So what is the key to their success, and how were they able to actually defy the odds? Tony Robbins currently...

Humidity and Humility

The call to love is a call to practice humility