Simple Steps at a more efficient lifestyle.

Written By: Michael Boylston

Introducing the Idea: What do these steps look like?

In life we many times strive to make the most of ourselves in any given period of life we may be in. The struggle is to simply find a routine that can show us tangible results in the areas we want to improve. The point at finding ourselves climbing up a flight of stairs to a goal we feel cannot be reached. We all have the desire to find a balance amongst all the demands of life around us. The desire to improve ourselves in so many areas whether that be mental, physical, or even spiritual health. Although, we are motivated to actually improve these areas we find ourselves not having the discipline to follow through with them. Yes, I know we struggle with the balancing of work, social, and personal life.

I am going to introduce some steps that will help get you on the right track. These steps strengthen the resolve at the desires listed above. Commit to having the discipline to follow through with these steps with patience. Many times we get caught up in instant gratification and get disappointed when we do not see results right away. So, implement these steps in your daily life, and I promise you will become a better version of yourself than you were yesterday. Many times the beginning at improving the bigger picture in one’s life start with just simple steps with the bigger ones following after such as the ones I am going to share with you, now.

Step Number 1: Wake Up Before 8 am

In this step, most will find it easy as others may struggle with it. All the same, it is important when looking at an efficient lifestyle to start your day off early. Set your alarm and prioritize waking up when it goes off do not hit the snooze! Starting your day early helps you follow through with the rest of your steps. An early morning improves the opportunities for you to cast vision on your day before it actually starts.

Step Number 2: Do a morning routine: 1 hour no distraction

This step is crucial to the success of your day. How you start your day will usually indicate how it will end. Find a morning routine that works for you and stick to it. This step will look different for everyone so make it work for you. Be sure you find a time to wake up that allows you to follow through with this step. So, don’t let technology distract you give that hour in the morning to just focus on you. Make yourself a hearty breakfast and start your day off the right way. A good morning routine is crucial to allowing the rest of your day to fall into the right place. Be sure to start the day on the right foot!

Step Number 3: Exercise for 1 hour a day

Physical health is crucial to ensuring a more efficient lifestyle. In this guide to finding a more efficient lifestyle set time aside to better your physical health. Choosing to prioritize every day to have some form of exercise will not only help improve your physical health but your mental health as well. In the implementation of this step, you will see tangible results of the benefits it trickles down to overall in your life. If you look good you feel good. Health is so crucial so start that more efficient lifestyle with better physical health.

Step Number 4: Read 10 Pages of a non-fiction book a day.

In the effort to expand one’s general knowledge it is always good to read. In this step, you want to focus on finding self-help books that can relate to you. The book could be about fitness, finances, relationship, or any other topic that can pertain to self-improvement. You could also use this step in bolstering your spiritual help maybe prioritizing reading your Bible or devotional. The action of reading daily just ten pages is simply a guide you can always exceed that count if you see fit in your routine! Many people do not realize the positive implications reading can help improve in an individual’s daily life. So, pick up a book and create a new passion in them.

Step Number 5: Dedicate a period of time each day to a new skill.

In continuing to excel in honing your mind it is good to dedicate time each day to a new skill. The range of this step really depends on what new skill you feel led to learning. The new skill can be from learning how to knit to researching how to invest in stock. It really depends on your preference. This step is important because it can assist in you honing your mind to open up to new possibilities.

Step Number 6: Choose a healthy diet.

I am sure everyone reading this knew this would come up at some point. Well, here it is because it is crucial to a more efficient lifestyle. Your diet can greatly impact the success of this new mindset and lifestyle you are trying to begin. This is not to say you have to follow a strict healthy diet that will make you unhappy but rather intentionally choose to pursue healthier choices with a healthier mindset. This can look like simply cutting out sweets or sodas to maybe even doing a meal plan! I promise if you implement a healthy diet into your everyday life the other steps will come along so much easier. Eat good, feel good, look good!

Step number 7: Track your Daily Progress in a journal.

In this final step, it is very important to actually do because it helps keep you accountable. The act of tracking your progress lets you break down the day in what you did and did not do. It helps you see what worked that day and what did not. In this step, you get to unpack the day and really hone in on planning for the success of the next day.

Overall, these steps at providing a template for a more efficient lifestyle require you to have the discipline to commit to them. I promise you if you intentionally implement these into a daily routine you will see a better version of yourself in no time. Do not be afraid to commit out of potential to failure but rather be motivated to start out of optimism for success!