Today I was prompted to pray around 1:39, so I’m trying to be obedient when I feel the nudge by the Holy Spirit. But not soon after I was praying, I had a vision and I believe I was suppose to share it, so here it is.

I saw a body (the church) on an operating table and God the Father was performing surgery on the heart. His fingers were intricately working on the veins attached to the heart, reattaching for the “Blood” to flow, and after the surgery there would be a short period of recovery or a season of recovery for the body to heal (some wounds that we experience as Christians only can be healed by God bringing us through the process, but He will always use them to make you better and stronger).

Then I saw in more detail the surgery:

God was crying over the patient as He was reviving and resuscitating the “Body”. It was just God and the patient in the room because it was a very personal surgery. He was bringing to life the body again. The surgery was in a CRITICAL HOUR! (I believe the state of the church is in a critical hour and God is making us ready for what’s to come) Then all of a sudden, the walls of the room turned into stadium seating filled with the Great Cloud of Witnesses watching intently the operation on the “Body”. Silence was in the room! The immense love of God was being poured out into His work. There was so much passion in bringing to life again the “Body” that His hands were healing whatever He touched for the body was frail and lifeless. He was putting a new heartbeat in, one that was surged with Power! (I believe this is the power of the Holy Spirit which shall be poured out in greater measure like never before)

Then I heard this…The heartbeat of America and Revival. The masses are coming, the greatest revival we have ever seen. I know God is preparing His church for what’s to come!

I want to speak life into you, reader! May the spirit of discouragement and despair break off of you and the Boldness of God renew your strength in Him! This is not a time to be afraid! Remember, God has not given you a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind. We were chosen to live in this time and we shall see the greatest awakening the world has ever seen! So hold fast, endure and push! God is on our side!