Written By: Nic Burge

In today’s world, one of the most popular time management techniques is time blocking. Essentially, this is the process of planning your day by blocking out certain times to get tasks done. This technique has become very popular, and people are using it through physical planners and/or digital calendars like Google Calendar. 

Below are the top 3 benefits of time blocking:

1. Time blocking provides a structure for your day/week. 

It is difficult to start tasks and assignments when juggling around different things in our lives. Time blocking eliminates this problem by providing you with a structure to base your day from. This lets you know what to get done, the order things need to be completed, and the amount of time you are allotted to complete each task. 

2. You can easily make time for extra events. 

Ever have a friend ask you to get lunch and you told them you would have to get back to them about that? Using time blocking allows you to avoid this by looking for the gaps in your schedule. Being able to quickly glance at your schedule will help you figure out where you can spend time doing other things. 

3. You will adapt to change more quickly

No matter how much we plan, life has a way of changing and going differently than we intended it to. There is nothing we can do to change things out of our control, but we do have control over how we react and move forward. If you are using time blocking, you can see what you can move around and set aside for later when something unexpected happens. Having this type of adaptability in your life will help you respond quickly and effectively to change. 

Start Now!

It is never too late to start anything, so if you are looking for a productivity system or technique to organize your life, start using time blocking!

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