The YoPro Know had the opportunity to interview and meet Maggie Fachini, an Enterprise Account Executive for LinkedIn in New York City. Before she shared her must-know LinkedIn tips, Maggie explained how important it is to control your personal brand because ultimately, the course of your career is decided when you’re not even in the room.

Your adjectives are extremely important because all major decisions about your career are made when you’re not in the room. Throughout the book “Expect To Win” by Carla Harris, the need for you to think about the words you want people to describe you with when you’re not in the room is reinforced. She encourages you to pick those three adjectives that describe who you are, while being authentic in those choices, and also encouraging you to tie in adjectives that are valued within your organization. So if you’re unsure on what your organization’s values are, go to the website, take a look and think about the value that you can provide. Then start to use those words to describe yourself with colleagues and with your manager. It was a fantastic read and I highly recommend that folks check it out because it really got me thinking about my adjectives and the idea of you assuming that people see you the way you see yourself. It’s crucial in controlling your personal brand.

When I was a kid on the way to every soccer game, my Dad would tell me to visualize my breakaways, scoring goals and winning. This is something that I’ve taken into my professional life as well and it’s a tool I use to control my own brand. I visualize success executing meetings with C-level executives, building relationships, closing deals and exceeding my quota. It’s extremely important to be your own champion, define the processes that you need to get to be successful, rinse and repeat. Also, always ask for feedback to continuously improve.

Maggie’s must-know LinkedIn Tips: First and foremost- get a professional headshot! Second- develop a customer-centric headline. For example, my title is enterprise account executive at LinkedIn but my headline is “helping sales professionals unlock the revenue-generating power of LinkedIn”. The first thing people will see on your LinkedIn is your photo and your headline. It’s super important to craft a customer-centric headline that aligns with the value you bring for your customers or to the market.

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