Brandy Amidon headshot

In this podcast, we had the privilege of talking to Brandy Amidon, the Co-President and CFO of Brains on Fire and the first female mayor of Travelers Rest, SC. With success in people-focused leadership, Brandy talks about the importance of diversity in work culture. Becoming a B Corporation also helped mold their agency into a more collaborative and open environment. Interworking between teams has helped them create more intelligent solutions. Brandy knows that failure is inevitable. Working openly in collaboration has given people room to fail and grow.

Podcast with Brandy Amidon

More personally, we asked Brandy her advice to someone starting out. Her answer was simple: tell the truth and don’t be so hard on yourself. Authenticity is the most important thing and applies to anything you are doing.

With so many hats, one may wonder how she does it all. She talks about what prioritizing looks like and how she balances what’s most important.

Listen in to know more about word of mouth marketing, leading people, and balancing multiple passions.