This week, Sophisticated Professional Podcast had the opportunity to speak with entrepreneur Brenda Wilton. Brenda shared her story on creating her clothing line called Authored Apparel, along with advice for entrepreneurs of faith.

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Seeing a Need

Early in life, Brenda Wilton saw a need. She was not like other children. She had scoliosis, a disease that bent her spine at an unusual angle. For four years, Brenda was in a corrective back brace. This made dressing and shopping for adaptable clothing difficult. In our conversation, Brenda reflects on how this experience would plant a passion in her heart.

This need became even more evident later in life when caring for a family member. As a caregiver, Brenda was again seeing firsthand how stressful and embarrassing dressing could be. People with physical constraints or health issues lacked access to clothing that was easy to put on alone.

Moved by the disposition of family and friends around her, Brenda crafted a business model purposed for “Restoring Dignity and Independence through Clothing”.

Designing a Solution

Authored Apparel’s clothing design is well researched. The pieces are simplistic and meant to be accessorized. For the shirts, dresses, and pants, snaps are placed along seams so that the clothing can be adapted for easy wear. Brenda wore a bold blue Authored Apparel piece to the podcast recording to show us how easy it can be accessorized and adapted for the occasion. “These clothes are actually meant to be accessorized!” She told us, going on to explain why this was so important to her.

Brenda knew from experience that dressing in oversized, drab clothing while disabled had stolen the personality and original style she enjoyed dressing in. Others with disabilities felt the same way. Carefully selecting durable fabric blends has reduced discomfort without sacrificing style. Through thoughtful design, Authored Apparel clothing offers an opportunity for independence despite physical challenges.

Restoring Dignity

When asked what inspired her to keep doing what she was doing, Brenda told us of the look she would see in the eyes of a physically restrained individual who had the opportunity to dress themselves. It was a look of joy that had been repressed by years of struggling and embarrassment. In our podcast, Brenda shared how she had orchestrated a fashion show with a nursing home to share her brand with her target consumer. She was deeply encouraged by residents who crossed the stage confidently in their Authored outfits, eyes gleaming with a youthful sparkle. When she saw these faces, she knew her clothing line had the opportunity to truly change lives.

Faithful Pursuit

As you listen to our conversation, you will quickly come to recognize Brenda’s cornerstone in both life and business is her faith. Seeing her clothing line through the lens of faith has allowed her to press on when challenges arise and pursue her vision with selfless intent. Being the voice for the restricted and aging has become a way to change the lives of people around her.

Brenda shares even more about her unique experience as an entrepreneur in the all-new Sophisticated Professional podcast. In the meantime, shop and learn more on the Authored Apparel website and like the Authored Facebook page.