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On this podcast, we chat with Melissa Fabry, owner of Indigo Custom Framing in Anderson, South Carolina, about the realities of starting your own business. She shares tips about starting, making and maintaining client relationships, as well as some traits that any business owner should have starting out.

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Indigo Framing Podcast

Having been open since March, Melissa shares a fresh perspective from behind the scenes of starting Indigo Custom Framing. She says her business isn’t just about crafting beautiful frames. It’s about boosting artisans of handmade goods by putting faces behind the art. By sharing the story behind the crafted goods she sells, she invites customers to join in the privilege of enjoying their work. Storytelling creates repeat customers who trust Melissa and value the knowledge she shares with them.

Building clients for Melissa meant getting to know them personally. When new customers feel seen and loved when they walk into the door of a retail store, they are more likely to come back and trust her with larger responsibilities. She does this by remembering the needs of those who come in. The next time they come in, she asks about what they talked about.

Melissa has learned many things about her role as an owner. She emphasizes the importance of knowing her strengths and not trying to be all things to all people. When it comes to her weaknesses, Melissa surrounds herself with those who can help her in these areas. She doesn’t recommend trying to do it all yourself.

When asked about a tip for building a successful business, Melissa mentions something a little unexpected. She doesn’t share a new strategy or planning differently. Rather, she tributes success to simply being kind. Kindness can elevate your business to a personal level that keep customers coming back. Never underestimate the power of presenting yourself with joy and kindness. She suggests if you are facing challenges in your business, you might want to consider how you portray yourself. If you’re grieved over your shortcomings, customers will feel it too. However, excitement and gratitude about your business can take you to further horizons.

Though she has been successful so far, Melissa shares how she’d change some things. Many people lose themselves in their work when starting their own business. She was no different. She admits to sacrificing taking care of herself and regrets not being able to be her best because of it. Her word of advice to new business owners is that it is actually productive to stop, take a break from work, and take care of yourself. This will later allow you to love other people better which will boost business in turn. Thanks for listening, tune in next week!