Today we had the privilege of interviewing Cody and Sara Bridenbaugh. They’re the husband and wife team behind Harvest, a brand identity agency in Greenville, SC.

In this podcast, Cody and Sara talk about the risk they took starting out, going from 2 salaries to 0. They also give insight on maintaining a healthy relationship with work. Paying attention to your relationships can elevate both your business and your life.

Podcast feat. Cody and Sara Bridenbaugh from Harvest

Harvest helps businesses tell their story authentically. Cody and Sara provide consulting, brand identity, web, interiors and environmental display. Cody is focused on graphic design while Sara creates the environmental design work. With different areas of expertise, they work well together and talk about the ways they balance each other out in their different gifts. But having this kind of business relationship in marriage takes work. They’ve had to learn about each other and what motivates each of them uniquely. Staying focused on their goals means keeping each other in check with work and life.

Starting a business is not for the faint of heart. Among victories, there are also challenges that arise daily. One of the main ones that Cody had to overcome in the beginning was having to change his mindset into one that welcomes new challenges every day rather than being set back by them. He found that by releasing the tight grip of control he had on his work, we was able to work to serve others more freely. Sara shares she had to learn that it’s okay to not know everything. She suggests to learn as you go instead. There is freedom in not knowing everything because you get to ask others and build important relationships that might not have happened.

As you can expect, life looks way different when you work with your spouse. It’s hard to strike a balance when there’s the option to work 24/7. Cody and Sara spend intentional time together outside of work to keep each other working from of identity, not for it. When you’re working for identity, you’re finding your worth and validation in what you do. But when you’re working from identity, you are already sure of who you are in God and that you’re complete before you do or perform.

Sometimes, the Bridenbaugh team hits a creative wall. Cody and Sara share how they take breaks. Refreshing their creativity often looks like simply like talking to people. Relating what problems they’re having helps get them out of a rut. They also share that trying new things helps their creativity. Getting out of the ordinary helps them stay inspired, whether it’s a trip or a simple walk in nature.

We had so much fun learning Cody and Sara’s story and we think you’ll love their sweet relationship and the truth they share!