So maybe you have finally landed your first job and you are still learning the details and the culture of the workplace. After all of the prospecting, networking, interviewing, and rejections you finally heard that one “yes” that you were looking for. You have to ask yourself “What’s next?” Or maybe you have been at the same job for 3-4 years and you feel yourself slipping into complacency, and you aren’t as self-motivated as you were when you first started.

Regardless of where you are in your career, these 5 Tips are for you to put to use in your life.

To seek out that next job promotion means actively exemplifying (and sometimes telling) your boss/manager that you’re ready to take on more responsibilities. This will set you up for that promotion you have been wanting to get.

Here are 5 simple and, quite honestly, easy tips to get closer to your promotion that you want.

#1 Be Early

Yes, you may know this one already, but are you early? Are you early to those meetings that you really may not want to attend? Are you early to the client meetings that you set from week to week? Chances are that you may just be on time most of the time. We are all guilty of arriving 2-3 minutes late. Let me be clear, early means aiming to walk through the door 15 minutes before the event. Please note that is “walking through the door” not “parking your car”. Be sure to factor in the drive, and the walk from your car. Imagine the sort of reputation you can form with not only your boss, but your co workers and even your customers. You become more reliable and trustworthy by being early.

#2 Make Your Boss’s Life Easier

It’s ironic, The best way to get promoted is to make their job easier. You shine, they shine. The best way to do that is to make his or her job obsolete. The goal is not to put your boss out of a job, the goal is too make their job focus on other things rather than managing you! You’re allowing them to focus on areas that the higher-ups have needed to address for some time. Strong work goes up the chain, improves the company, and it ultimately gets you noticed for the reasons that you want to be.

#3 Don’t Always Make It About You

This may be advice that you haven’t heard. Let me explain. If you want a promotion, you cant always talk about your accomplishments. It comes across as egocentric, ignorant, and self absorbing. The only time that you should talk about your accomplishments is in the interview for the position. In order to put yourself in a position for that interview, the hiring team will hear your name and your accomplishments from someone else who has either worked with you, for you, or from someone who is above you. Let your success do the talking. It is easier for you to say positive things about you, and yes it means something, but it speaks more volume and backs up your efforts when someone else brags about the things that you have done. Word of mouth will always be the best marketing tool, that is, other peoples mouths, not your own.

#4 Avoid The Drama.

The qualities that considered for a promotion among most hiring teams were those that demonstrate a high ethical standard, integrity and trustworthiness. One way to measure this is by analyzing at those who chose not to get entangled in office politics and gossip. While it’s important to understand the balance of office politics, individuals who are able to rise above the temptations to get caught up in conversations that distract them from the work day typically stand out most as those who would be fairest and remain neutral to others in management roles.

#5 Exceed Expectations

Simply put, do more than your what job description states. Yes that is your job, but all of things are already expected of you. If you are seeking a promotion you cant only do the things that are expected, that would mean that everyone gets a promotion. Once those the daily responsibilities are done, don’t stop working. You can still continue to solve more problems. Some examples of what you can do is ask what else you can do to help others who may be stuck on a project. It shows initiative and that you will not settle. The goal is always to do your best for the entire day, if you finish early that means you can work on other things or at least prepare for the next day. Be the first in the room and be the last to leave.

There you have it, keep in mind that these tips aren’t ranked in any particular order at all. Now that you are equipped with these 5 tips to get a promotion you are destined  for greatness. Stay focused, stay determined, and always keep the long term goal in mind. Successfully manage your career path with these 5 tips. Good luck!