A beautiful woman checking email on the mobile phone and holding a cup of take away coffee.

Do you notice how some young professionals just have it together, while others…..well….are still planning their day by supper time? So in this hectic business world, what can young professionals do to make the most of every day? Below you will find our top 7

Plan the night before

When that alarm clock goes off in the morning, let’s face it, you want to throw it against the wall and not figure out what you need to do before work starts. As a busy young professional, time is not only gold….it’s ticking. On the night before, sit down for a couple of minutes to carefully plan out your day. List all of your meetings, what you would like to accomplish, when you will eat, ect. Google Calendar is the perfect tool for this (ok if you’re an iPhone person I guess their calendar works as well). This way as you are turning off the alarm on your phone in the morning, you already have a complete schedule of the day right in front of you.

Select the Top 3

Out of everything you want to accomplish for the day, choose the top 3. Yes I know you probably have a million things you need to accomplish and choosing only 3 seems unproductive, but remember Rome was not built in a day. Studies show when people try to accomplish too much, nothing gets done. So focus on the top 3, and nail them out of the park better than anyone else. Then if you have time left over, focus on the rest of your list.

Workout in the AM

A new day is before you….and you need to get that blood pumping. There are many benefits to working out first thing in the morning. First it kick starts your metabolism. Your body is a machine, and once that machine is cranked, it rolls for the rest of the day – including burning off those unwanted calories. You have a bright career in front of you, in order to keep up with the demands of a successful profession your body needs to be strong and durable. And, let’s face it, if you put off working out to later……don’t kid yourself it will never happen.

Prepare Your Meals

You need fuel for the engine, but as the hectic day begins there is no time to cook. Busy professionals often find themselves settling for junk food throughout the day simply because they do not have time to cook a nutritious¬† meal. So plan ahead. On the night before, as you are planning your day also plan your meals….and prepare them. This way as you’re rushing to work all you have to do is pick up the bag in the frig of food already prepared!

Save Every Contact

As you are wheeling and dealing throughout the day, you will meet many people. Unfortunately most young professionals are unorganized with their contacts. I do not care what business you are in, every professional should have a CRM tool (Customer Relation Management). Nimble, Zoho, and Sugar CRM are all good options that will not break the bank. Every time you meet someone, immediately enter their info in your CRM (they all have cell apps). Remember to categorized this person for easy follow-up, and make notes of how this person could potentially help you in your career; and of course how you can help them. Finally, follow up with the person. You can send a simple email stating it was nice to meet them. Business is about people, if you can organize your contacts and show people you care, you will be successful!

Reward Yourself

You worked hard all day, overcame many challenges, and not it is time for a reward. This does not have to be something big, but after every day you need to take a couple of minutes to relax and unwind. You could watch a movie, enjoy something to eat, spend time with friends and family, or watch sports. Whatever it is, do something to take care of yourself as this prevents burnout. And remember, Sunday is for rest, family, and God – not work. This is your day off, enjoy it!


The day is over and you are ready for bed. But before you call it quits, spend some minutes to recap on your day. What did you learn, what failures did you experience that you can improve on, what insights did you receive, what accomplishments are you happy for? Journaling is a trait seen by all successful people, and is the perfect way to end the day!

There are many other things for you to do to gain that extra edge, but if you follow these 7 you will defnitely see an increase in your productivity.