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Why do some Facebook posts attract a lot of attention, and other’s don’t? Facebook for businesses is less about making a sale and more about telling your story. Below are 9 types of content that will be sure to increase your Facebook activity and connect with new customers!

1. Testimonies

In a testimony post, you are simply sharing the experience one has with your brand. It can be a post showing people enjoying the benefits of your products, or it can be a success story of one of your workers.

The important thing is this post is about people, and most importantly about the emotions people experience when they interact with your brand. Testimonies are some of the most powerful posts because potential customers like to see experiences. A testimony post displays the experience one can look forward to when they interact with your business.

2. Humor / Entertaining Posts

People like to be entertained. Humor helps to connect to people with an open, easy manner. This type of post tells potential customers they will have an enjoyable and entertaining experience with your brand. It also show you know how to get business done, but have fun while doing it.

3. Behind the scenes

Your business has a story, and an interesting one at that. It is very fascinating to see how a business began its journey, what happens behind closed doors, and especially who are the people behind the business.

In this type of post, tell the story behind your story in way that relates to the needs of your customers.

4. Leverage Pop Culture

There is always something trending in the news and pop culture. In fact on Facebook and Twitter you can find what is trending on social media on a daily basis. If you see something trending that can relate to the needs of your customers….capitalize on it!

Oreo did this during the Super Bowl a couple of years ago. If you remember during half time the power went out. The most watched event in the country was on hold because there was no power. Everyone was watching wondering when the game would resume.

However a very clever person at Oreo decided to take advantage of the situation. Notice their Twitter post below. What is going on in the news that you can take advantage of?

5. Nostalgia

People love to remember the ‘good ole times’, so let’s help them do that! What memories do your customers cherish and miss? Create content that focuses on these events and feelings.

One company  that does a great job in doing this is Coke during Christmas time. Images of Santa Claus, family, and winter wonderlands can all be seen in their Christmas content.

6. Take a stand

People respect others who are bold in what they believe in. Even if one may disagree, as long as it is presented respectfully you will gain respect and engagement.

What is going on in the news today that your customers are passionate about? Make a post that provides your expert opinion on the situation. This type of content is powerful, just be sure you do it in a respectful and professional manner.

Two candidates who have mastered this in the 2016 Presidential election are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. Whether you agree with their stances or not, they have mastered this technique.

7. Inspire

If you inspire, your customers will be inspired to share. Your company is passionate about something; let this shine in your creative. Share content that motivates your customers to make the most of every day!

8. Educate and Offer Value

Provide educational content that your customers find valuable. This is more than just product information and specs. Provide content that nurtures prospects through the buying process.

What are the main questions your customers face? Create content that helps them answer these questions. Blogs, how-to guides, and videos are all useful content that your customers will find valuable.

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9. Empathize and Emotions

The most effective element in marketing is the ability to create an emotional attachment. This is done by being empathetic to the pains your  customers face, as well as celebrating their joys.

What problems do your customers face, and more importantly what are the results of these pains? How can you empathize with this to show them you care?

On the other side, what experiences are your customers celebrating? How can you share their joy?

So here are 9 types of content that are sure to increase your Facebook activity. Starting a Facebook campaign for your business can be challenging at first, but stay with it and in time you will see how it all falls into place.

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