Business Improv is quickly becoming one of the best ways to improve human capital. It is changing the world by changing people’s mindsets. Encompassing team building, quick thinking, and ameliorating leadership, business improv is the best way to improve the work environment. Improv is not just about comedy anymore.

“Yes and”

“Yes and” is a staple in improv as well as the professional business world. “Yes and” is the mentality improvers must have to create an environment where anything and everything can be expressed. We talked with one of the leaders of the professional improv group Silverbacks Improv Theatre to ask what he thinks about “Yes and”. This is what he said “”Yes and” are the magic words that help build scenes. I think in the beginning of any improvisers training these words help them to accept other peoples ideas without judgement and to build those ideas in to stories and relationships” -(Aren Chaission) Using this same mentality young business professionals are now able to be more accepting of others in and outside of the meeting room.


Improv shows create an intense environment where you are required to listen to one another. If you do not, you and your team will fail. When business professionals are put in this same environment, they can clearly see how well they actually listen. Business improv allows human capital to clearly and objectively understand their own communication skills. No other method does this as flawlessly as using theatre tactics.


Now it is your turn to support your local improv troupe by attending their show and picking up a skill or two. Theatre and business are quickly becoming intertwined in the best possible way. It is up to you to get ahead of the curve and allow your employees to have the next best tool. Business Improv the company has already held workshops at countless fortune 500s as well as renowned universities like Harvard and Duke. Now it is the best time to use this awesome theatrical power.