“We must go through a few setbacks in order to reach that place of success in our lives”

Kendra Scott

Scott’s Story

In 2002, Kendra Scott started her jewelry company from her spare bedroom with just $500. Little did she know, that sixteen years later this would turn into a billion dollar company. Jewelry making was a big passion for Kendra. Growing up, she went to beading classes and later starting building a collection of handmade pieces. With her 3 month old son, Scott took her collection from door-to-door hoping to sell something. With a few steps of faith, she now leads the successful brand Kendra Scott, which is recognized and loved all over the world. According to Forbes Magazine, she currently ranks as one of the richest self made woman in America. Her jewelry is known for its unique use of color and quality materials. Eventually she outgrew her spare room and her team moved into a big office in Austin. Now she has more than 75 stores of her own. Her products are also sold online and in many stores such as, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom.

Not only does Scott love to create jewelry, but she has passion for giving back. This is something that sets her apart from other successful business women. Since she started, she has held more than “8,000 fundraising and awareness events and over 2,100 volunteer hours. $5 million have been donated annually, all for outstanding local and national causes.” Scott has lots of advice for those who dream of starting their own business. Each day of her journey was not easy, however, she kept on pushing in order to create something beautiful and achieve success. “My advice is to take a look at your talents and what makes you unique and use those differentiators to build a business that stands apart from the rest. I promise you will find success when you dare to think differently.” Scott