Helpful Apps for Entrepreneurs

If you run your own business, chances are you are running around all the time and looking for ways to get organized. When I started my photography business, I knew there were some changes I needed to make in order to keep track of all the things I needed to accomplish. Through the years, I’ve discovered some apps that have been extremely helpful in allowing me to access information I’ve needed for projects and events everywhere I go!

Google Keep

Google Keep is like sticky notes…for your phone. It’s great for the OCD and unorganized alike. This is my go-to app when I remember something and need somewhere to write it down or just need to make a checklist of some sort! 

  1. Color code your notes
  2. Pin them to the top of your board to view them first
  3. Set labels for different sections for each of your notes to know what’s all in one place.
  4. Add checkboxes to your notes to cross of as you get everything done throughout the day.

Clean look and syncs with every device you can access your Google account from. Organize your different notes in different labeled sections. You can also add pictures and collaborators to each note! 

Google Calendar

For a while, I stuck to my regular old planner and my iPhone calendar. While that worked for me for a little while, I found myself forgetting to bring my planner everywhere with me or getting confused with the layout of the iPhone calendar. I now live and breath by my Google Calendar. Why?

  1. It automatically finds events in your Gmail and puts them onto your calendar
  2. You can create different calendars and view one or more at once.
  3. You can color code events
  4. Set reminders for events
  5. The feel of the app is clean and organized. It’s not overwhelming and it’s very easy to change event times/dates if needed.
  6. You can view by schedule, day, 3 days, week, or month and search for your events to find them easily.
  7. Google Calendar is linked to your Gmail so you can access it through any device you have a Gmail account.
  8. You can add guests to events

As a photographer, I’ve loved Google Calendar because it automatically links to my Honeybook account where I book all of my clients. If I enter a date for a shoot in Honeybook, it pops up on my calendar. Google Calendars has made scheduling my life stress-free and fun.


Social media has been a blessing and a curse to the world. However, for an entrepreneur, it is your best friend. Instagram gives you a space for successful free marketing if you use it correctly. One way to do this is to be consistent with your social media. Now, you’re busy at work or with your family and may not always have time to sit down and plan out a post, but there’s an app for that! Later allows you to schedule out posts in advance.

  1. You can choose an image for your post, create a caption for it, and schedule a time for it to post.
  2. If you link Later to your Instagram or Facebook account, it will automatically post for you.
  3. You can save hashtags on the app that are available for you to insert into any of your captions for optimal engagement
  4. You can see your plan by day, week, or month
  5. You can save images in Later in case you want to use them for posts later *no pun intended.*


Honeybook is my number one way to book clients and keep my life organized. I can easily access any information I need about when and where I am working with a client as well as send them any important documents they may need. Honeybook has many incredible features such as:

  1. Direct pay through digital invoices
  2. The ability to create, send and sign contracts
  3. Questionnaires
  4. Status tracking for each project
  5. Bookkeeping
  6. Batch emails
  7. Reports on income
  8. Syncing event dates with Google Calendar

Honeybook is the booking service of choice for many entrepreneurs and photographers like myself. In the midst of a chaotic schedule, I know I will have all of my information all in one place waiting for me.


When I had to do my taxes my first year of being a solopreneur, I was absolutely shocked and not prepared at all to deal with paying off all the money I owed. There are a lot of things I could have done to get a better tax break, but one of the main things was tracking my mileage. Driving costs a lot of money. The more you drive, the more money is sucked out of your earnings, so why not track all of those miles so you can record them in your taxes? MileIQ automatically tracks your miles everytime you drive from point A to point B. At the end of the day, you can swipe right to count your drive as a business drive, classify what kind of business drive or you can swipe left to classify your drive as a personal drive. MileIQ tracks the money you spent on your drive and logs all of your miles by month. This is a super easy way to keep track of all that money you may not even be thinking you’re losing when you drive!

I hope some of these apps are able to make your life just a little bit easier and more organized so you can spend time doing the things you love instead of worrying about the things you’re missing!