Increase your business' presence both on and offline with these tips

We’re living through uncertain times. But one thing is certain, your storefront won’t be getting much foot traffic for a while. Knowing how to increase your business’ online presence is essential, as during this time people are going to forget about a lot of things, don’t let your business be one of them. Increasing your business’ presence during this time and immediately after is easier than you might think. Using these three key steps you can stay top of mind, increase your business’ presence and will ensure you and your business will come out of the gate running when the time comes to reopen our society. There are multiple ways to do this, and once you understand these ideas and how to use them they will prove helpful not only during this national emergency, but after as well.

Emails, increase your presence by reaching out

We’re all used to getting spam and ignoring it, so you wouldn’t think that 60 % of all online purchases are done because of an email. Email is an invaluable tool, especially now. The ability to reach your customers while they’re at home can keep your business top of mind and drum up some interaction now, and in the future. Email’s can be your bread and butter to increase your business’ presence both now and forever, and writing good emails is a skill that will always benefit a business. So here are some essentials to know when making and sending out emails.

  • Make sure it’s easily readable on mobile
    • 45% of mobile web use is checking emails, so it’s important to make sure it looks good on a phone
  • Offer a text only option
    • If it fails to load properly, it’s important that all the information still goes through
    • format it to be 20-40 characters a line
    • put the most important information first
    • put the call to action early
  • Use a personal greeting
    • make sure it’s the name they prefer to go by
  • include a call to action
    • an important last step that is essential to converting thought to action

Billboards, staying top of mind

There aren’t a lot of people driving right now, but once things open up there will be a huge influx of people itching to get outside. If you have the resources you can take advantage of this by investing in billboards out and about on major roads. Billboards are relatively cheap, and a great way to notify a large chunk of the population quickly, as people will be exposed to it multiple times a weak, more often than not multiple times a day. Here are some things to keep in mind when buying and designing a billboard

  • The average billboard is only viewed for 7 seconds, so make sure your message is quickly received
  • use 8 to 10 words to allow a lot of detail without it becoming too hard to read or distracting
  • Billboards are great at pointing out locations or directions, so if your business is nearby use this to your advantage.

Social Media and other forums, increase your presence through interaction

Social media is often the first place people end up when searching your business online. People love to see an active social media presence. It shows them they can check in here for new information, talk to you and stay in touch easily. People will be digitally window shopping for a while, and social media can not only increase your business’ online presence, but provides a virtual store for customers to interact with once they find it. Here are some things to consider

  • always include a call to action in your posts
    • Even if it’s as simple as asking people to comment their favorite x,y,z getting people to interact with your posts is a great way to increase your presence.
  • look into other websites, but be careful
    • Websites like reddit and tumblr can be great tools to reach certain demographics very easily, but be careful
    • reddit has specialized forums for literally every topic, to the point of redundancy. find your local city “subreddit” and post there, but be mindful of their rules and take care to seem genuine.
    • tumblr is like twitter, but aimed at a different demographic. it wont work for every business, but if you can take advantage of it the benefits are huge. Denny’s saw a huge surge in younger customers after increasing their presence through humorous use of tumblr.

So there are some tips to increase your business’ presence both online and in the real world. Keep in mind that for the time being, it might be best to avoid using humor. This is a national emergency and the use of humor may seem inconsiderate or blasé, and would end up doing more harm than good.