Salesmanship on the phone
Photo by Polina Zimmerman from Pexels

By- Kai Hagen

Tip #1: Get Organized when selling on the phone

Your success in selling over the phone starts before you even pick up for the first call. Take a look at your surroundings. Is your desk covered with papers and coffee cups? Do you have a million windows open on your computer? Being properly organized is one of the most important tips in phone sales because we tend to take on the mood of our environment. A clear desk, means less thing to distract your thought process.

Tip #2: Know your Audience and Connect with them

Sales is all about relationships. Wouldn’t it be useful to know who you are selling too. Do some research on your prospects before you get them on the phone. Be prepared to meet their needs but also to meet their objections.  We always say sales is about relationships first, and you can’t form a bond if you only talk about the product you’re selling! Ask some personal questions on your call, about spouses or children or other things that may come up organically. Sound natural, be confident

Tip #3: Listen to Your Phone Voice

You won’t want to do this but do it anyway …

Record your voice on the phone while talking to some clients.

Do you sound smart, confident? 

Oh and keep a happy tone, no one likes talking to someone who sounds miserable or upset in any way. Exaggerate your voice. You think you’ll sound funny but you won’t. 

No matter how good you are. Record your voice. This will change everything.

Tip #4: Start succinctly

Be direct. The start can either make or break the conversation. Introduce yourself and get to the point swiftly.

Tip #5: Listen more than you speak

Ask a lot of questions. This is how you will engage the customer and keep them. People love to talk about themselves. This way you can gather information about your customer and figure out his needs and wants. Structure your sale around the customer. 

Tip #6: Figure out what’s important.

What is the most important thing the customer wants. Is it the lowest price, or the quality. What is important to them and you tailor their needs to your product.

Tip #7: Be an advisor, not a salesperson

            People enjoy a conversation where they aren’t being sold anything. Be more of an advice. When selling over the phone, you must establish credibility, authority, and expertise. It’s about being a credible source and trustworthy. This is also how you will get more service. Costumers talk and by being trustworthy you get more referrals.

Tip #8: Mind your words

There are words and phrases that will hurt your chances of closing a sale over the phone. Memorize these and keep them out of your standard script.

Tip #9: Follow up

Most sales aren’t made in a single phone call. Have some kind of system to make follow up calls and send follow up e-mails easily. Having a follow up is one of the most important ideas.

Tip #10: Be Human

As a salesperson, you don’t want to come across dry. Relate to the customer and part take in interactions with the flow of the conversation. Have fun, be easy going and relate to the customer. Be human.