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The Content Wheel is an easy to follow guide to create engaging content. This blog focuses on Stage 1 of the Content Wheel – the 4 Motivational Needs.


Stage 1: 4 Motivational Needs

The inner wheel represents the 4 internal motivations that influence most of our actions. These motivations are the needs of Belonging, Uniqueness, Altruistic, and Curiosity. If we want to create engaging content as marketers, we want to ensure our content is in line with the motivations.

The brainstorming questions below are strategically designed to guide you into creating content that is in line with these 4 motivations. First, briefly browse all of the questions below for each motivation. Then, select the one(s) that you feel are in line with your target audience and the content you would like to create. Simply browse all of the questions, and make a note of the ones that stand out to you.


  1. Is there a particular community your target is longing to be a part of (family, friends, social group, professional group, sports team, ect)?
    • What type of content can you share to make them feel as if they are a part of this group?
    • Or, how can your brand actually help them be a part of this group?
  2. How can my brand make people feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves?
    • Is there a movement you can associate your brand with (Political, Social, Charitable, Religous, ect) that is popular with your target market? What type of content can your brand share that revolves around these movements?
    • What is your target passionate about? Is there a movement your brand can create around this passion?
    • What are your target’s interests? Can you make your target feel they are a part of a special group that connects these interests with your brand?
  3. How can my brand connect and bring people together?
    • What type of experiences can you create as people engage your brand with others
    • How can your brand foster Group Communications?
    • How can your brand share content the portrays people coming together?
    • Can your brand create a live event?

Unique / Esteem

  1. How can your brand be a tool of self-expression?
    • What self-image is your target seeking to portray? What content can you post to help your target portray this image?
    • What is your target audience passionate about that they would like to portray to others, how can you create content around this?
  2. How can your brand help enhance the image and status of your target audience?
    • What content can your brand provide to help enhance the status or prestige of your target?
  3. What recognition or validation is your target seeking? How can you give them this validation?
  4. What does your target audience truly want to achieve?
    • How can your brand actually help your target accomplish something they desire to do?
    • How can your brand help your target obtain something they truly want?
    • What problems are they facing? How can you resonate with these problems? How can you help them overcome these problems?
  5. What is your target truly interested in?
    • What content can you create that are in line with your target’s interests and hobbies?
    • What form of entertainment does your target audience enjoy, what type of entertaining content can you create?
    • What does your target have strong opinions on? What type of content can you create that is in line with these opinions?
  6. What moments, events, or memories are important to your target?
    • How can you help your target relive memorable experiences and events?
    • How can you help your audience relive nostalgic experiences?


  1. What causes or charities is your target market compassionate about? What acts of charity can your brand engage in with your target market to help these groups?
  2. How can your brand inspire compassion and display a concern for others?
  3. What element of spirituality or purpose in life is your target seeking? How can your brand help them reach this element of spirituality?


  1. What does your target need to know in order to accomplish their goals, but do not know?
  2. What is your target audience fascinating about? What type of information can you provide around this fascination?

Once you have selected the question(s) you would like to create your content on, the next step is to determine what conversations your target market is engaging in on social media in real time. Social listening/monitoring tools allow you to identify trending topics and hashtags your target market is engaging in around the topics you have just identified. CLICK HERE for the next step.