Rear view of elegant businesswoman viewing lights of night city

Is life getting you down right now? Does it feel like everywhere you turn there is some kind of obstacle?  Are you stuck in a mediocre job you never thought you would end up at? Do you feel like you gave up your true dreams just to have a steady career? Do you feel like you have done everything right but in turn everything is going wrong? You are not alone.

Over the past few years, I have had a set plan for my life. I have stuck to that plan in order to achieve the success I want. People who have already achieved the kind of career success I aim for always encourage me by saying, “You’re doing everything right, you just haven’t seen the final result yet”. In my mind, I’ve done the work. So, why can I not see positive results?  Whether it is school, work, or your love life, waiting for answers is never fun or easy.

Why is it that doing all the “right” things rarely bring us comfort but tends to bring us down and cause us to become agitated and impatient? Personally, I think frustration comes into play when we realize the path to our goal is not filled with a “How To” direction guide giving us all the “right” things we should be doing. Yes, there are examples to follow but the outcome of our choices may end up being different than someone else who made similar choices.

I have learned through the times of frustration is that, honestly, I cannot see the final result. I have an idea and set goals but, in all reality, how often do things turn out the way we originally planned?  They say hard work pays off and, one day, you will see the fruits of your labor. Patience, I have learned, is not one of my strongest attributes. It’s rare to find someone who believes patience is easy; if they do, they are probably lying to you. Waiting on the answers to our questions or waiting to see all hard work paid off is so difficult.

It is all about changing your mindset from, “why is this not working?” to “I can work through this” or “I know this will pay off in the end, I just have to work hard now”. Your idea of a final result may not be Gods ultimate final result. It is time to turn your roadblock into helpful directions. Even when life is not going the way you want it to, you still have control over how you handle it. You can either take the direction with grace and courage or just stand there staring at the tough spot and never move forward.

I know it is hard to wait after doing all the right things and going through the motions of life waiting for the return on our investment but honestly, our whole lives are waiting with excitement. As Christians we spend our lives in anticipation of the Lord’s return.  Try to apply that excitement to waiting in your daily life. It might help. Know the results will come and you will have answers. They may not be when or where you want them to be, but they will be there just like God promised.

Remember, waiting is hard but if you can wait all your life for an eternity with the Lord, you can wait one more day, a few more weeks, or maybe even a few more years to see what God has planned for you. Do not give up on your goals or aspirations. Your hard work will pay off. Shift your mindset and focus on what the Lord has given you now. Then you will feel less lost and more like you are achieving something great.