Have you ever been invited to a gathering and had these thoughts:  Calendar too full, I don’t know these people, It’s too far to travel, What will I learn, How will it matter to me, Will my voice be heard, What can I offer to the group that will really make a difference?

Typical in our daily life are the above thoughts and excuses.  Recently the FemFessionals Charleston Chapter launched their first meeting for 2015.  As shown in the picture, much positive interaction was experienced by all.  As a lifetime member of national FemFessionals, I found the local luncheon meeting to be delightful and heartwarming.  Lauren Messina, President, and Kim Johnson, Vice President and speaker for the meeting, welcomed and encouraged all attendees through their leadership and hospitality.

Kim Johnson shared her wisdom and expertise with the audience.  Her article on “Habits,” the member role play, and her new book “Nail It In 90” added great value.

The role we play in others’ lives does truly matter.  Take the step to be involved in life, learning, and helping others!  You are a role model and your leadership matters.