Olivia Wheeler

Wanting to start self-care but don’t know where to begin? Do not worry, you are not alone. Self-care is easier than you think but harder to implement into our day to day. We are all busy people and forget to take care of ourselves most of the time. Starting with self-care is a great way for you to focus on your mental and physical health. Susannah Winters discusses in this Ted Talk on what self-care techniques help her and are more simple than you think! So, let’s get into the 3 ways we can start self-care.

1. Stillness and Silence

Our minds are constantly running a thousand miles an hour every waking second. The voice in our head always going off and filling our mind with thoughts. With stillness and silence, this gives our mind a break and improves our mental well being. Starting out this one can be a harder technique. We always feel we have to constantly have to be doing something throughout our day and no time to just sit in the silence. You can start out just by taking a small amount of your day for your mental health with being still in silence.

2. Movement

Most people do not enjoy exercise because in all honesty, it is hard sometimes. I get it. But when Susannah talks about movement, she does not mean an hour long workout that is full of extraneous movements. This can be just as simple as talking a walk to the mailbox, doing small activities around your house, or if you are into the more extraneous movements you can get into the full workouts or running. But just by taking a minuscule moment of your day this with activity this will help with your physical health.

3. Time in Nature

Most people spend 93% of their life indoors. With being outdoors you are taking in fresh air, receiving vitamin D from the sun, and you get to just not be inside! You can implement your time in nature while also practicing your movement self care. Even though this does not seem like a “normal” self-care practice, just getting outside and being one with nature is more beneficial than you think. This will help improve your energy, mood, and bring you more joy!

Just by taking simply 30 minutes out of your day, you can tackle these self-care activities. There are clearly more ways then just the 3 ways we discussed here, but this is sure a great start. Staying consistent with self-care is KEY to seeing improvements just like with any thing we have had to practice in our lives. So, I hope you enjoy your self care journey and see the growth physically and mentally.

Olivia Wheeler