By James Avant

Listen to other people’s ideas and make them feel important

One way to help create a positive work environment is to listen when your coworkers give an idea. They took the time to think of a way to help the company, and showing your appreciation and giving praise will result in them wanting to help more in the future. Be open to new methods and ways that time can be saved, and productivity can be improved. The more ideas that flow from employees, the more potential for success the company has.


Something as simple as a smile can make someone’s day. Often times if an employee is having a hard time, a quick smile and kind word can turn their day around, and help them become more productive. The environment at work is much better when people seem happy and encourage each other rather than being tense and serious.

Find ways to have some fun

While work should be serious at times, there is nothing wrong with having a little fun occasionally. As long as people are being productive and accomplishing everything that needs to be done, having fun can boost team moral and make your job seem less unbearable. Finding times to joke around and keep spirits high can make people’s attitude better, and can result in more productivity.