By: Kendall Smith

Does sitting at work everyday affect your body? Most jobs we encounter these days are office jobs, as to where that is not bad thing but making sure you stay active will be a huge success. There are so many ways for you to be active throughout the work day but during this article, it will discuss three ways that you can be active while still having an office job.

Here is a link that you can reference back to, if you want to find fun ways to be active during your life:

  1. Ride your bike or Walk to work

I know riding your bike or walking to work sound tiring but it can really benefit you. Sometimes riding your bike or walking to work is not realistic for some jobs but if it is something you are capable of doing, I highly recommend it.

A nice ride on your bike or even walking to work can reduce the amount of stress you are going through and gives you fresh air to breathe. As it does reduce stress and gives you fresh air it also is allowing you to get in some short of physical exercise that day as well.

2. Take an active lunch break

Work can get crazy and you may not even have time for lunch or may have to be a quick little snack to get you through the day. The days where work is not as crazy take an active lunch break. Walk to your favorite eating place near work, have a nice lunch with some work friends and then walk back to your office.

That little time of walking to lunch and back to the office will do your body some good. You will be getting vitamin D, fresh air and getting in your steps to stay active throughout the day. While on your lunch break make sure you are getting the right amount of nutrition you need.

3. Stay moving

When you are at work find ways to constantly stay moving. Whether that is going to get someone a coffee, taking something to someones office or even just walking down the stairs and coming back up.

Staying active while having an office job can be very hard sometimes, so constantly making sure you are moving, even if it is just getting up to walk down the hall then back can and will benefit you a lot. 30 minutes of active movement, will keep the doctor away : ) Isn’t that what they say?!?!