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Have you ever been on vacation and had a hard time finding the best restaurant to eat at? Or what about a business trip in a new city, needing a restaurant to accommodate your colleagues needs? Restaurant reviews and ratings are a commonly found thing in any simple Google search, but in large cities, there might be 15-20 “5-star” restaurants located every mile. Charlotte, NC is one of the largest up and coming cities in the southeast, and these five restaurants will be sure to provide an elegant eating experience while impressing your business colleagues. These restaurants are chosen based on location, experience, price, and quality of food.


Alexander Michael’s

Alexander Michael’s is conveniently located in uptown Charlotte on 401 W 9th St. The restaurant has a darker ambiance with a Southern European feeling throughout the restaurant, continuing into the bar. The main entrée’s include deli sandwiches, gourmet pasta combinations, as well as hand ground cheeseburgers. It is more casual than most, but nonetheless has a professional atmosphere.



Kindred is one of the most popular restaurants in all of North Carolina but it’s one flaw is the location, being located just north of downtown Charlotte closer to Davidson. With a small restaurant feel, the family owned restaurant allows customers to try top of the line food. The one downside is some of the expensive prices, but the food and overall family feel is well worth the price. Kindred is well known among the community and offers one of the most popular menus in the south.


Fig Tree Restaurant

Fig Tree Restaurant is located in Uptown Charlotte to provide an excellent location for professionals staying in Uptown. They are known for their French and Italian cuisine with elegant wine and drink options. Fig Tree offers an extremely elegant experience and promotes an award-winning list of entrees to choose from on a French inspired menu. For overall price, they are on the higher end, but it is surprisingly value priced based on the elegant ambiance.



Known for its incredible Italian cuisine, Stagioni is one of the premiere seafood restaurants in the Charlotte area. Being opened in 2013, Stagioni has a modern take on an old school Italian menu. They are mainly known for their classical ambiance, leading to an extremely professional destination for special occasion dinners. With many signature recipes, they are known for their exotic choices of seafood such as octopus and squid.



Barrington’s is an American cuisine restaurant located outside of downtown Charlotte. They are known for their elegant choices of wine, as well as many types of delicious deserts designed to promote a bistro type of atmosphere. Being known for their clean and farm grown meat, Barrington’s is popular among the community, being known as one of the best restaurants in Charlotte for the past decade. Overall pricing is similar to others on this list, but most of the options are relatively cheaply priced for gourmet options.


Overall, Charlotte is filled with popular restaurants, each with a specific factor that makes them unique. Being an up and coming city, the restaurants are focused on a trendy setting with innovative recipes to give customers an elegant experience. Especially for vacations and business travel, finding the right restaurants are always a difficult experience, but with these suggestions, you can promote a trendy and exciting life by your restaurant choices!