So you have finally landed your first job and you are still learning the details and the culture of the workplace. After all of the prospecting, networking, interviewing, and rejections you finally heard that one “yes” that you were looking for. You have to ask yourself “Whats next?” If you have been at the same job for 3-4 years it’s sometimes very easy to become complacent, and not be as self motivated as you were when you first started. To get to that next level in your career you are going to have to do more than just do the work that is expected of you. The amount of responsibility that you take on as an employee means actively exemplifying (and sometimes telling) your boss/manager that you’re ready to take on more responsibilities which often translates into a new position. Here are 5 simple and, quite honestly, easy ways to get closer to your promotion that you want.

#1 Be Early

Yes, you may know this one already, but are you early? Are you early to those meetings that you really may not want to attend? Are you early to the client meetings that you set from week to week? Chances are that you may just be on time most of the time. We are all guilty of arriving 2-3 minutes late but just imagine the sort of reputation you can form with not only your boss, but your co workers and even your customers.

#2 Make Your Boss’s life easier

It’s ironic, The best way to get promoted is to make their job easier. When you shine, they shine. The best way to do that is to make their job obsolete. The goal is not to put your boss out of a job, the goal is to make their job focus on other things rather than managing you! You’re allowing them to focus on areas that the higher-ups have needed to address for some time. Strong work goes up the chain, improves the company, and ultimately gets you noticed for the reasons that you want to be recognized for.

#3 Don’t Always Make it About You

We get it, you’re great. Its good too have accomplished projects its just not great to talk about them all the time. It comes across as egotistical, ignorant, and self absorbing. If you want to know what matter more than you talking about the positive things about yourself its people who talk about you without you saying a word. Work in silence and let your success speak for itself. Word of mouth will always be the greatest marketing tool.

#4 Avoid The Drama

The qualities that are considered most for a job promotion are those that demonstrate integrity and trustworthiness. This can be measured by looking at who chooses not to participate in office politics and gossip. While it’s important to understand the balance of office politics, individuals who are able to rise above the temptations and distractions and remain focused, stand out. It is an indicator to others that you will remain neutral and indifferent in a management role.

#5 Exceed Expectations

Simply put, do more than your job description. Of course your job description is there so that you know what the position entails, but once those things are done and checked off, go the extra mile. Ask what else you can do, help out the co worker who may be stuck on a project, over prepare. Doing these things shows initiative and that you are willing to do more than what the job requires which will indicate that you are ready for more responsibilities. Finishing tasks early doesn’t mean that you are done, but rather that there is more opportunity to get more work done. Be the first in the room and the last to leave. If just doing what is expected of you made you worthy for a promotion, guess what? Everyone would get a promotion.

There you have it, you are now equipped with these 5 tips to get your next job promotion. Put these to good use whenever you can! It goes without staying, stay level headed, always keep your long term goals in mind, and always believe in yourself. Your job promotion is waiting. You can do this!